Waterberg, Khaudum & Surroundings

R ising as an island of colour some 200 metres above the surrounding African bush and savannah, the Waterberg Plateau with its flamboyant brick-red sandstone formations and lush green vegetation is without a doubt the main draw card of the region. Other attractions are the Hoba Meteorite, the Otjihaenamaparero dinosaur footprints and the Dragon’s Breath underground lake. Tsumkwe, the main town in Bushmanland and home to a large percentage of Namibia’s Bushman population, is the only place in the immediate area where fuel is provided.


  • The Waterberg Plateau rises 200 metres above the surrounding savannah
  • The Hoba Meteorite is the largest known meteorite in the world
  • Tsumkwe and surroundings are home to Namibia’s earliest ancestors
  • Dragon’s Breath is the world’s largest known underground lake
  • Dinosaur footprints are found on top of the plateau


  • Become acquainted with the Bushman people
  • Learn more about wild-cat conservation
  • Explore the depths of the Dragon’s Breath underground lake
  • Behold Hoba, the largest meteorite in the world
  • Try your hand at birding in the park
  • Endeavour to find and view as much game as possible with a guided tour in one of the national parks


Waterberg, Khaudum and Surroundings


Waterberg, Khaudum & Surroundings

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Two girls, one car and one chance to get out of town and have an adventure. Sound familiar? Wheels on the road, the sky a wide arc above us and only the black line of the road stretched out in front of us. Our destination? The Waterberg Plateau National Park. Just two hours from Namibia’s capital, the Waterberg is easy to get to, fun to explore and great for families. For two chicks though? Well, we’re not unfamiliar with “roughing it” and, in fact, that’s our usual setting. Turning off the B1 that runs like a bloodline through Namibia from its southern border to the north-eastern tip, we waved at traffic officers on duty, who smiled cheerfully and waved us through, after curiously glancing into our car looking for the men that they guessed must be hidden somewhere. Nope, no guys, just us two girls.

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Accommodation in the Area

Journeys Namibia

Into the wild... Discover beauty in remote locations. Journeys Namibia is a reputable management company that takes the strain off lodge owners by taking care of […]

Okonjima – Home of the AfriCat Foundation

Okonjima, home of the AfriCat Foundation is your perfect leopard & cheetah safari spot in Namibia. West of the Waterberg Plateau, the vast plains are occasionally […]

Okonjima Bush Suite

Exclusive for you and your family or friends The Bush Suite, overlooking a waterhole, nestled in the open Acacia thorn-veld with the sandstone Omboroko Mountains in […]

Okonjima Luxury Bush Camp

Old style safari under thatch The Luxury Bush Camp is situated at the Edge of a Wilderness Area, 2.5 km from Plains Camp. Bush Camp comprises: 8 thatched, […]

Okonjima Omboroko Campsite

Nestled among the Omboroko Mountains Camp Chilala: COMPLETED APRIL 2004  /  Camp Chimelo: COMPLETED JULY 2007 Camp Koshi: COMPLETED JULY 2010   /   Camp Kendi: COMPLETED SEPT […]

Okonjima Plains Camp

In honour of the cattle farming history of the Hanssen family In the early 1920’s, Okonjima became a cattle farm and was bought by Val & […]

Okonjima The Grand African Villa

Be hosted and pampered in your private Bush Villa THE VILLA, overlooking a natural waterhole, is situated in a secluded wilderness area approximately 10 km from […]

Roy’s Rest Camp

Contact: Tel (+264 67) 240 302 | Fax to Email 08862743 | Email royscamp@iway.na | Web www.roys-rest-camp.com

TUCSIN Tsumkwe Lodge

Tel +264 (0)67 240 901/3/4 or +264 (0) 67 697 055 | Email reservations.tsumkwe@travel-weaver.com | Website www.tsumkwe-lodge.com

Waterberg Resort

The Waterberg Plateau, towering some 200 metres above the surrounding landscape, is one of the most spectacular features of the northern region. Nestled along the base […]

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