Love on Valentine’s Day in Namibia

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January 31, 2018
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Love is flowers

Sandhof lilies near Maltahöhe ©Gondwana Collection

Words by Annelien Robberts

It is almost Valentine’s Day and with red and pink hearts on display all over the place, it is inevitable that love is in the air. Here’s the thing though, if love is not that much in the air for you this Valentine’s Day, discover how it is the case for Namibia in general. Sometimes it’s all about changing your perspective because let’s face it, it is everywhere, whether you choose to let it in or not.

Love is in the air…

at Neuras Winery Estate. The video on N/a’an ku se’s Facebook page says it all. Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains unawakened. Volunteering with animals is one of many ways to feel the love and spread it, too. There are many options that will make your heart explode with warmth while contributing to conservation, one of the most critical issues in our country. The N/a’an ku se Collection, founded by Rudie and Marlice van Vuuren (the couple in the video), is a good place to start.

Plus, Neuras Winery Estate offers bottled love labelled Neuras Shiraz and a Shiraz Merlot blend, amongst others. Current production is 3000 bottles per year. Imagine yourself (one of millions of people in the world), admiring the sunset while sipping a glass of Namibia’s exclusive wine.

Marlice van Vuuren from N/a'an ku se spreading love through conservation
Marlice van Vuuren from N/a’an ku se
Enjoying bottled love at Neuras Winery Estate
Sunset at Neuras Winery Estate
For the love of cheetahs. Photo taken at Kanaan, part of the N/a'ann ku se Collection
One of the cheetahs at Kanaan. As part of the N/a’an ku se Collection

Love is in the air…

whenever it rains in Namibia. My favourite smell in the world is the scent of rain. But not just any rain. Namibia’s summer rain.

What is the best thing about summer rain? When rainwater stands about 15 – 30 cm deep in the Sandhof Pan near Maltahöhe, lilies pop up in multiple shades of pink. These striking flowers decorate a small part of the usually barren landscape in their thousands before they wilt. They bloom within less than a week and then they are gone and you wonder if they were ever real in the first place.

February is the month of Sandhof lilies. Would you like flowers for Valentine’s Day? Take a trip to the south to see these spectacular flowers.

“If you love a flower, don’t pick it up.
Because if you pick it up it dies and it ceases to be what you love.
So if you love a flower, let it be.
Love is not about possession.
It is about appreciation.”

  • Osho
Namibians love rain
Rain or shine ©Sharri Whiting De Masi
Love is flowers
Sandhof lilies near Maltahöhe
©Gondwana Collection

Love is in the air…

at Krisjan’s Bistro and Klara’s Market. No love is deeper than a family’s affection for their four-legged family members. The proof is in the name of the family-run businesses: the owners named the bistro after their male terrier and the deli after the female. The bistro’s stylish interior boasts canvasses with the little Boston terrier’s face on the walls. Krisjan’s became such a hit that a branch was recently opened in Swakopmund. Klara’s Market is rather new on Windhoek’s culinary scene and offers an all-in-one deli, grocery store, juice bar and coffee shop that prides itself on the love for natural foods primarily sourced from local businesses.

Both these eateries and their fresh food are something to become smitten with. Show your body some tenderness by fuelling up on healthy foods. See? More love!

Krisjan's Bistro
Krisjan’s Bistro ©Lyrischiah Da Silva
Fresh food at Klara's Market Place
Klara’s Market Place ©Lyrischiah Da Silva
Love is enjoying good food with great friends
Klara’s Market Place ©Lyrischiah Da Silva

Love is in the air…

Oh no, wait, that is a hot air balloon – the most idyllic spot to watch the sun set while you are soaring over the desert, be it at Wolwedans, Namib Sky Balloon Safaris in Sossusvlei or Swakopmund. Don’t think twice if your budget allows for more than the viewpoints in Windhoek I recently blogged about.

Hot air balloons are a reminder that we do not need wings to fly: just a burning flame of red-hot passion, whether for life, your cause or anything that makes you feel alive.

Love is flying over the desert in a hot air balloon
©Namib Sky Balloon Safaris

So there you go. Love more. Explore more.

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