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Etosha: 100 Years

Etosha, the book, vivdly captures the wonder and excitement of Namibia’s fabled national park, through informative essays and outstanding aerial and ground photography. With contributions from leading Namibian writers and photographers Etosha celebrates the centenary of the Etosha National Park, highlighting its fascinating history and the strong conservation ethic that has made it one of the world’s premier national parks.

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Skeleton Coast

Through her captivating photographs and absorbing text, Amy Schoeman shares with the reader the strange beauties of her life’s passion. The Skeleton Coast of Namibia – an area once feared and shunned because of its treacherous coastline – is now prized as a place of beauty and tranquillity, a place of magnificent solitude. Originally published in 1984 and reprinted seven times with a total print-run of over 30 000, this magnificent book has been updated, imaginatively redesigned, and republished in an artistically modernized format.

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Namib: Secrets of a desert uncovered

Designed to provide a background and enhanced understanding of the vagaries and values of the Namib Desert – an ancient landscape with a long human history and an array of bizarre plant and animal adaptations. Namib: Secrets of the desert uncovered covers every aspect of the phenomena present in this the oldest desert in the world.

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Birds of Namibia: A Photographic Journey

In the first edition of his spectacular book on birds in Namibia, Pompie Burger introduces the world to the wonders of birding in this spectacular southern African country. With informative and entertaining stories portraying his keen original flair and photographs that will stun and awe, Birds of Namibia: A photographic journey should not be absent from the bookshelf of any bird- or Namibia-lover.

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Birds of Namibia: The Journey Continues

Join Pompie in the second volume of his wonderfully energetic, hilariously funny and photographically stunning Birds of Namibia: The Journey Continues, as he debates, pokes fun at and teaches us all about birdlife in Namibia. Available at reputable bookshops in Namibia or directly from Venture Publications.

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My Hungry Heart

Antoinette de Chavonnes Vrugt’s delectable collection of recipes bears testimony to her passionate dedication to food and to the people and land she loves. Complemented by the inspired writing of Christine Hugo and photography of Hentie Burger, this cookbook with a difference will warm the heart and stomach of every reader.

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Life on a Table

Namibia’s famous chef and author of the award-winning cookbook My Hungry Heart, Antoinette de Chavonnes Vrugt, has completed her second book, Life on a table. The book is available at selected bookshops throughout Namibia, can be ordered from Venture Publications and purchased in South Africa.

Status: Available for purchase

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Indigenous Plant Products in Namibia

Indigenous Plant Products in Namibia provides information on the harvesting and commercialization of local plant products such as !nara fuit, hooidia resin, devil’s claw tubers, marama beans and ximenia seed kernels by rural people to improve their food security and livelihoods.

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