A  strip of desert sand that stretches from the Kunene to the Orange rivers, hugging Namibia’s coastline north to south. The Namib Sand Sea, a UNESCO World Heritage Site stretching between the Kuiseb River and the Tsau //Khaeb National Park, is a mass of rolling dunes in shades of gold, ochre, and honey, that tumble into the cobalt-blue water. Many ships and their crews have met their end along the Skeleton Coast. Now a national park, the area covers the expanse between the Ugab River and the Kunene River, protecting the northern third of Namibia’s coastline. Between the Ugab and Swakop rivers, the sensitive ecosystem of lichens and Damara tern breeding grounds make up the Dorob National Park. Its most northerly settlement, Cape Cross, is the site the largest colony of Cape fur seals in the world. The ice-cold Benguela current brings essential nutrients to Namibia’s coastal waters, supporting life under the water as well as above it.  Consequently, the Dorob National Park’s beaches are popular fishing sites and have resulted in settlements such as Henties Bay and Wlotzkasbaken. South of these, Swakopmund, with its charming architecture and quirky personality, is a favourite destination for travellers after hot safaris inland.


  • The coast is Namibia’s adventure mecca
  • It offers abundant history, culture, art and crafts
  • The Skeleton Coast National Park protects the northern stretch of the Namibian coastline, and the Namib-Naukluft National Park protects most of the southern strip.
  • The strip is a haven for unique plants, animals and birds
  • Namibia has many beautiful and pristine beaches


  • Go sand-boarding, quad-biking, fishing, wind-surfing, sailing, sky-diving, paragliding or dolphin cruising in one of the popular coastal towns
  • Take a stroll through the centre of Swakopmund and admire the historical buildings
  • Climb Dune 7 and see the world from a different perspective
  • Go on a cultural township tour through Mondesa or Kuisebmond
  • Admire flamingos and other avifauna at the Walvis Bay Lagoon, a RAMSAR-declared site for coastal birds
  • Take to the dunes and beaches atop a fatbike, horse or camel on a guided tour just outside Swakopmund


Coastal Strip


Coastal Strip

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One day the sun is bright, the wind a gentle breeze. The next is shrouded in fog and an eerie mystical ambiance. A pristine white beach […]

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NWR’s Tour Planning division MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Events) recently guided a client on a 21-day Skeleton Coast/Kunene Tour. Tour leader and guide Francois Snyders kept […]

Stillhouse Gin Capturing the Spirit of Namibia

A cliché, but very true: Namibia is a country of contrasts. From its people to the environment, the diversity found in this country is quite surprising […]

Lüderitz Speed Challenge 2019 Results

The annual Lüderitz Speed Challenge event, Namibia’s most famous annual sporting spectacle, is once again taking place from 21 October to 1 November 2019.

Local tours and adventures you have to try in Namibia

There’s no better way to get to know a place than through a tour. Tours allow for a guided and informative up-close experience of a place and its people, from authentic unscripted cultural encounters to the discovery of hidden treasures. Here are a few tours you need to try during your visit to Namibia.

Lüderitz Speed Challenge 2019

The annual Lüderitz Speed Challenge event, Namibia’s most famous annual sporting spectacle, is once again taking place from 21 October to 1 November 2019.

Talking to Two Beards Over a Cup of Coffee

Coffee is not only one of the world’s most popular non-alcoholic beverages, it is also – more so than anything else – responsible for kickstarting the world every morning and for getting everyone out the door and off to work.

Generation Wanderlust: The Coast

Your next visit to the coast can be your opportunity to explore the quaint town and experience it from a whole new angle. And for those of you who have never been there, finish reading this and then pack your bags. Swakopmund, as the adventure capital of Namibia, has a ton of exciting activities you need to try (and then boast about to your friends).

Exploring the magical south with Gondwana Collection

Circle around southern Namibia from Windhoek to the Kalahari, the canyon, Sossusvlei and Swakopmund for some of the finest scenery on the planet... Our journey begins […]

Picture perfect pitstops in Swakopmund

Text and Photographs  Charene Labuschagne Where does one find a rustic beer garden and restaurant, craft gin and beer bar, and a fabulous food truck all […]

The 5 Most Romantic Experiences in Namibia

What makes a moment truly romantic? Is it about the atmosphere, the candles and the roses? Or the fact that it is you and your significant other spending time together? Does it have to be at a remarkable destination, or is it about the journey there?

When it comes to romantic experiences, Namibia is full of them. Here we have listed the top five activities that are sure to send sparks flying.

Phantoms of the Skeleton Coast – Namibia’s desert lions

Salvadora persica, which goes by many common names such as miswak and arak in Arabia, or the mustard bush or toothbrush tree because its twigs can be used as a natural toothbrush.

Eco-Adventures in Swakopmund

Text  Nina van Schalkwyk Photographs  Xenia Ivanoff-Erb and Nina van Schalkwyk Namibia’s coast is the activity hub of the country. Make sure your visit includes a […]

TNN’s Most Romantic Destinations in Namibia

Namibia is one of the most romantic countries on the continent, with a variety of places to set hearts alight, from the open spaces of the south, to the lush greenery of the northeast. So before you get absolutely overwhelmed with all things Valentine’s, take a look at our list of the most romantic destinations in Namibia every couple should visit this Valentine’s Day, or whenever!

History and Comfort Combined at the Swakopmund Hotel and Entertainment Centre

Words and photographs (except main): Nina van Schalkwyk After roughing it on safari through Namibia, end your trip at the coast in Swakopmund, where the cool […]

The Ultimate Namibian Bucket-list

All over the world visitors are attracted to the obvious must-sees. To those images which catch the eye on a TV screen, in a travel magazine or on a billboard. Images are the most powerful tool in tourism and luckily, Namibia is one of the most photogenic destinations. There are so many places in our country begging one to come closer, look deeper and become part of the picture.

Moon Landscape: Cake on the Moon

Shades of charcoals, browns, beiges, creamy caramels and orange make up the crests of this mountainous area. Millions of years ago the course of the Swakop River has turned what once was one huge granite plain, at least one kilometre higher back then, into carved canyons and gullies. This has become known as the Moon Landscape, as it is said to resemble the moon. Read this article to find out more, as I ladle out all my travel tips for a trip to the Moon.

3 Coffee Hotspots in Swakopmund

Swakopmund is, amongst other things, considered the coffee-lover’s haven. We’ve compiled a short list of spots not to miss while visiting this quaint coastal town in Namibia.

20 Years Celebrating Lüderitz- Lüderitz Nest Hotel

April 24th, 2018 marked 20 years since well-known hotelier Ulf Grünewald decided to nest his hotel on a secluded rocky bay in the town that is entirely built on rock. Inaugurated in 1998 by then-President Sam Nujoma, the Lüderitz Nest Hotel has a reputation for delivering unparalleled service as a four-star establishment and being the leading tourism industry employer in town.

Learn about the craft of beer making at the Swakopmund Brewing Company

Strand Hotel Swakopmund dominates the culinary scene at the Mole in this quaint coastal town. Its three restaurants – the Brewer & Butcher, Ocean Cellar and […]

Half A Century At Hotel Schweizerhaus

Hotel Schweizerhaus is family-owned in the third generation. Owner Heidi Snyman, née Anton, born in Namibia, was five when her parents, both from Germany, bought a “Swiss-looking” house in Swakopmund, which is how Hotel Schweizerhaus got its name. Later the Anton’s added the café, which Heidi’s father, a master baker, made into the icon it is today. She grew up in the family business, a witness to her parents’ commitment and sacrifice in running it.

Namibia’s National Parks: Where Do All the Skeletons Come From?

Namibian journalist Dirk Heinrich explore the infamous and tumultuous desert coastline, its secrets and epic natural phenomena. Explore the hidden wonders of yet another ‘park on the fringe’, be regaled by epic stories of survival and enthralled by the wildlife and nature that not only survives but thrives in one of the least-explored, most enigmatic and mysterious corners of this majestic land, the Skeleton Coast.

Skeleton Coast Safaris

It’s a place that many travellers never get the chance to see. Never get the opportunity to explore. The Skeleton Coast is as far off the beaten track as can be. Its name harks back to a time of shipwrecks along this volatile stretch of deserted coastline in Namibia’s north. The desert landscape seems completely desolate at first. But join the Schoeman family and see the mystery unfold. Stunning landscapes, vast seas of sand transformed into natural works of art that unfurl beneath the belly of the plane as it soars high above the earth. 

Top 10 Romantic Namibian Honeymoon Destinations

A stunning location like Namibia is bound to have its fair share of isolated spots with which to tempt the starry-eyed newlyweds. That is why we’ve compiled a short list of the ten most romantic places in Namibia for royally in love couples to spend their honeymoons.

The Town Built on a Rock

Three days and three nights in Lüderitz. The cool weather welcomes us after the heat that drove us from the desert near Sossusvlei. Settled in at the Nest Hotel’s Crayfish Bar and Lounge with a beer, overlooking the bay, we are glad about the exchange of sand for sea. Exploration

Stay at Sea-View Zum Sperrgebiet and Experience Lüderitz

Perfectly positioned on a rocky crest in the quaint coastal town of Lüderitz, Sea-view Zum Sperrgebiet offers a beautiful panorama of the Atlantic Ocean. Enjoy one of 22 comfortable en-suite rooms against the stark backdrop of an unforgiving and ever-changing desert. Start your morning with a hearty breakfast before taking on the desert. Indulge your taste buds with a variety of seafood and mouth-watering meat dishes in the restaurant. Relax at the indoor swimming pool surrounded by plants or treat yourself to a sauna session after an adventurous day out. Have a drink at the hotel bar or in the lounge while admiring the sun setting over the ocean.

Beauty and the Beasts…

For the love of hyenas: Emsie Verwey shares insight into the Skeleton Coast Brown Hyaena Project, which she runs from the research centre at the Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp.

10 Things To Do In Swakopmund

A trip to Namibia’s coastal town of Swakopmund is sure to be packed with activities for everyone to enjoy. Don’t let the sleepy desert town fool […]

Running Wild on the Skeleton Coast

Text and Photographs: Annelien Robberts The Skeleton Coast has gained a reputation of being a haunting, frankly eerie, piece of land. The name itself speaks of […]

A quick walking tour through Swakopmund

There aren’t many towns that offer quite as much to the traveller on foot as Swakopmund. The historic town is located where the desert hugs the Atlantic Ocean, north of Walvis, and was the original settlement of German colonists. Swakopmund has a distinctly quirky style that managed to survive even with its growth in size. A walk along its roads reveals little treasures that are easily overlooked otherwise. Make a trip of it and take our walking tour to get the most out of Swakopmund.

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Swakopmund – Speckled little desert town

Our newest guest blogger, Nina – a student currently expanding her knowledge at a Joburg institution of higher learning – decided to start writing about Namibia […]

2012 / 2013 Rules & Regulations: Dorob National Park

It is that time of the year when everyone can slow down and relax. For many that means packing their cars and heading to the coast […]

Hotel Schweizerhaus & Café Anton Swakopmund

History with a piece of cake by Marita van Rooyen If you want to experience sleeping in one of the first hotels established in the coastal […]

Swakopmund – Footprints in the Sand

Swakopmund always has something new to discover. by Elisabeth Braun At one time there was sand and a protected harbour. Two hundred years later there is […]

Swakopmund: A tradition of tourism

Of all the towns in Namibia, Swakopmund was the first to be exposed to holidaymakers in the real sense of the word, and this happened long […]

Swakopmund Guesthouse

A family affair by Marita van Rooyen “It is fresh and inviting and oozes a holiday feel,” says Leander Borg of his new-found project in the […]

Swakopmund Museum

by Ron Swilling A 27-million-year old fossil, meteorite chunks, fossilised wood and jawbones of our human ancestors mingle with Spanish coins, restored ox wagons and turn-of-the-century […]

Swakopmund, Namibia – Mondesa Township Tour

Words and photos: Ron Swilling Small house, big welcome A Nama man awaits us outside his small, simple house. As we arrive, he welcomes us by […]

Beds with a story – Swakopmund

by Ron Swilling Sitting in the spacious and gleaming reception hall of the Swakopmund Hotel and Entertainment Centre (the former Swakopmund Railway Station), I read up […]

A breath of the ocean – Seabreeze Guesthouse Swakopmund

by Amy Schoeman The thing about Italians is that whatever they do, they do with style and panache, whether it’s fashion, cooking, opera or architecture, or […]

A place called home – Anandi Guesthouse – Swakopmund, Namibia

Immediately after walking in at the front door of Anandi Guesthouse at 14 Nelken Street in Swakopmund, I feel at home. by Yolanda Nel  The spacious […]

Namibia, Swakopmund – Shalom Farm

A market and out-of-town brunch venue by Ron Swilling Twelve kilometres outside Swakopmund on the B2 road to Windhoek, the D1901 gravel road snakes off towards […]

Protea Hotel by Mariott Long Beach Lodge

Cosy atmosphere right on the beach by Marita van Rooyen The Protea Hotel Long Beach Lodge is a 17-room (16 double rooms and one family room) […]

Hotel Deutsches Haus – Swakopmund

A haus away from home There are probably many reasons why Andreas and Cynthia Munkelwitz have managed to fill the Deutsches Haus at Swakopmund since they […]

The Secret Garden Guesthouse, Swakopmund

A creative and lively space by Marita van Rooyen When lounging in the courtyard of the Secret Garden Guesthouse in Swakopmund, it’s difficult to believe that […]

Swakopmund Boutique Hotel

Stylish, service-orientated, slightly arty by Ron Swilling A uniformed doorman, a winding staircase, a stem of white orchids in a plate of pebbles, an oil painting […]

Hotel Bundu n See, Swakopmund

Central, comfortable and affordable by Ron Swilling A new breath of energy swept into the Atlanta Hotel when Ina and Teuns Janson took over the old […]

Central Guest House, Swakopmund

Old-fashioned comfort at the coast by Ron Swilling This old, solid family home in Lüderitz Street, Swakopmund, was let for 12 years after the Marsden children […]

A fine dining experience in Swakopmund

Zum Kaiser, Swakopmund Situated at 4 Sam Nujoma and no longer just the dining room for the Swakopmund Boutique Hotel Avenue, the former Gallery has become […]

As fresh as a newly-picked sprig – Wild Rocket, SWAKOPMUND

Text and photographs: Ron Swilling A new burst of freshness has arrived in Swakopmund with the Wild Rocket restaurant, conveniently situated in the Kronheimer Courtyard (next […]

Simply the best – The Tug Restaurant at Swakopmund

Text and photographs Ed Jenkins Regular visitors and residents agree that The Tug Restaurant holds a special place in their hearts, evoking memories of the good […]

Rössmund Lodge, Swakopmund – A small oasis in the desert

by Ron Swilling Rössmund Lodge is one of those surprises you happen on when you veer off the main route. Six kilometres before Swakopmund along the […]

Swakopmund – Bring a sweater!

The coastal town of Swakopmund has an aura entirely of its own. Surrounded by desert and edged by a chilly ocean, the town with its palm trees, wide streets and old German architecture seems to be out of place and out of time.

Walvis Bay Tourism Centre

A big welcome by Ron Swilling At the end of Union Street, bordering the desert and tourist area, the Walvis Bay Tourism Centre comes into view. […]

Rossmund Golf Estate – Lodging, dining and golfing near Swakopmund

by Charlene Cooke You’ll find the Rossmund Golf Estate on the banks of the ephemeral Swakop River in the Namib Desert, a mere six kilometres from […]

Up close and personal with Namibia’s coast

By Jana-Mari Smith If you’ve ever wanted a complete summary of Namibia’s coastline, its people and animals, its unique weather patterns and landscapes, its past and […]

Protecting Walvis Bay’s natural and human environment

The Walvis Bay Local Agenda 21 Project (WB LA21), a three-year project concerned with both the environment and the development of Walvis Bay, is now close […]

The Henties Bay environs – Spectacular but sensitive

Situated in the National West Coast Tourist Recreation Area, (NWCTRA) Henties Bay offers the nature lover an attractive but highly sensitive natural environment with diversified fauna […]

The return of the whales

By Amy Schoeman A gradual homecoming to Namibia’s coastal waters Baleen whales were once plentiful in the seas off Namibia’s coast, but by the turn of […]

Travel Namibia: Top Five Adventures

By Marita van Rooyen South Africa has Table Mountain, Botswana has vast numbers of wildlife, Zimbabwe has Vic Falls, Angola has diamonds and Zambia has the […]

National Parks of Namibia – A diverse suite of alternative breaks for travellers

From the icy waters of the Atlantic to the swamps of the Caprivi, shimmering white fortresses to extraordinary plants, the sweeping landscapes, magnificent game viewing and […]

Accommodation in the Area

Journeys Namibia

Into the wild... Discover beauty in remote locations. Journeys Namibia is a reputable management company that takes the strain off lodge owners by taking care of […]

O&L Leisure

Owned by the Ohlthaver & List Group, which was founded in 1919, O&L Leisure Hotels & Lodges is a proudly Namibian hospitality company.

Shipwreck Lodge

unravel the mystery Located in the famous Skeleton Coast concession between the Hoarusib and Hoanib rivers in the Skeleton Coast National Park, Shipwreck Lodge is only 45 […]

Strand Hotel Swakopmund

Strand Hotel Swakopmund: Where the Namib dunes meet the Atlantic Ocean With its extensive and entertaining Restaurants, Bars, Lounges, Deli, sea facing Terraces and Conference & […]

Terrace Bay Camp

There are a number of places on earth that capture your creative imagination and leave a lasting impression on your mind. Namibia happens to have a […]

Torra Bay Campsite

Torra Bay Campsite is a popular fishing retreat, situated within the Skeleton Coast Park. It is only open in December & January. 60 campsites are offered […]

Villa Margherita

If you think Adam and Eve, Romeo and Juliet, Lord Nelson and Lady Hamilton, and the King and Queen are characters from a time long gone, […]

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