Kavango & Zambezi

T he Kavango and Zambezi feel wild and untamed. Visitors to the area get a glimpse into authentic African lifestyles. The perennial rivers and expansive floodplains, lush tropical vegetation and absolute abundance of game and birds make the north-east a surprising contrast to the rest of the country. Boat trips along the Zambezi and the Chobe rivers provide exciting opportunities to view hippopotamus, elephant and crocodiles, as well as scores of antelope. Tiger fishing is also a popular activity in the area. Local villages and settlements are vibrant and visitors have the opportunity to take home baskets and wooden artefacts skillfully made by hand. A dramatic juxtaposition  to the rest of arid Namibia, the wet and wild wilderness of north-eastern Namibia teems with life and exciting adventures. Well over 400 of Namibia’s bird species occur in this part of the country, and the region is becoming ever-more popular amongst bird-watchers, nature lovers and specialist travellers. It is also of growing interest to scientists studying the wetlands system and its flora and fauna.


  • Top activities are fishing, game viewing and bird-watching
  • The regions are home to five of Namibia’s parks
  • Local artists and craftspeople abound
  • The area enjoys the highest rainfall in the country
  • The north-east is rural Namibia at its best


  • Take a sunset cruise on the Okavango, Kwando, Chobe or Zambezi River
  • Visit the Living Museum of the Mafwe and learn more about local cultures
  • Do some wildlife watching in one of the five surrounding parks
  • Appreciate arts and crafts, next to the road, or at any of the craft outlets in the region
  • Take to the river on a canoe trip with a qualified guide


Kavango and Zambezi


Kavango & Zambezi

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Explore the northeast, the Kavango and Zambezi

The Kavango and Zambezi feel wild and untamed. Visitors to the area get a glimpse into authentic African lifestyles. The perennial rivers and expansive floodplains, lush tropical vegetation and absolute abundance of game and birds make the northeast a surprising contrast to the rest
of the country.

First Substantiated recording of Ross’s Turaco in Namibia

A few international birding enthusiasts were rewarded with a unique and extremely rare sighting of Ross’s Turaco 35 kilometres west of Rundu.

Once upon a time: WHEN ROANS DID ROAM

For most visitors to Khaudum National Park seeing roan antelope is high on their list, if not topping the list. Few visitors are, however, aware that the landing strip in the Khaudum omuramba was built nearly 50 years ago when conservation history was made.

The Sijwa Project Approach to Sustainable Tourism

Meeting new people and unfamiliar destinations are some of the reasons why we travel. This again rang true when I visited Nambwa Tented Lodge and meant so much more than I could have imagined.

Yoga at African Monarch Lodges

In the heart of a ‘Peace Park’ in the north-east of Namibia, where the Kwando River meanders through the lush verdant landscape, is Nambwa Tented Lodge.

How to Start Birding

If this story will not motivate you to start birding you can just as well die and never be able to enjoy life to its fullest. If you are an anti-social animal, birding is for you. If you are a party animal and crowd pleaser you will even like it that much more, entertaining your guest with another wonderful sighting of your first 50 birds (mossies?).

The Sijwa Project

by African Monarch Lodges African Monarch Lodges, home to Nambwa Tented Lodge and Kazile Island Lodge inside Bwabwata National Park, is the cumulative product of the […]

Welcome to Serondela

To be one with nature and blending in is the underlying theme of Wild Waters Exclusive Camps and Lodges. Nkasa Lupala Tented Lodge, Jackalberry Tented Camp […]

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The 5 Most Romantic Experiences in Namibia

What makes a moment truly romantic? Is it about the atmosphere, the candles and the roses? Or the fact that it is you and your significant other spending time together? Does it have to be at a remarkable destination, or is it about the journey there?

When it comes to romantic experiences, Namibia is full of them. Here we have listed the top five activities that are sure to send sparks flying.

TNN’s Most Romantic Destinations in Namibia

Namibia is one of the most romantic countries on the continent, with a variety of places to set hearts alight, from the open spaces of the south, to the lush greenery of the northeast. So before you get absolutely overwhelmed with all things Valentine’s, take a look at our list of the most romantic destinations in Namibia every couple should visit this Valentine’s Day, or whenever!

The Ultimate Namibian Bucket-list

All over the world visitors are attracted to the obvious must-sees. To those images which catch the eye on a TV screen, in a travel magazine or on a billboard. Images are the most powerful tool in tourism and luckily, Namibia is one of the most photogenic destinations. There are so many places in our country begging one to come closer, look deeper and become part of the picture.

Solar power at Chobe Water Villas

The Olthaver & List group is involved in the consistent adaptation of its leisure establishments to be more ecologically friendly through the use of solar power. The group recently turned their attention to Chobe Water Villas, an O&L lodge situated in the north of Namibia in the Zambezi region.

Starlings not that Common

If there were a lion behind every second bush, or a leopard in every tree, would they be so special? Would photographers want to shoot them (to protect them), would photographers drive off-road or into a no-entry road to get a better angle on their million dollar picture? I have in fact seen people drive all over each other to get a closer look at a lion, to get to the front of the scene of the crime. Imagine, for a lion! Luckily no photographer will ever do that. The point I want to make about starlings is that they are too common. Most of the starlings have a metallic sheen flashing back when the sun touches their feathers, but unfortunately they are not so special because they are just too common. This might be where this terrible word is coming from: ‘common’, like too many seen too often. Possibly it is also because they are robust and gregarious. Let’s rather call them plebeian.

The Story of Culture, the Captain and a Chief in the East

On a recent adventure to Nambwa Tented Lodge, I discovered a new sense of recognition for what makes a place such as this truly special. What makes it stay with you, ingrained deep in the fabric of your soul long after you’ve made your journey home?

Top 10 Romantic Namibian Honeymoon Destinations

A stunning location like Namibia is bound to have its fair share of isolated spots with which to tempt the starry-eyed newlyweds. That is why we’ve compiled a short list of the ten most romantic places in Namibia for royally in love couples to spend their honeymoons.

Birding on the Chobe River

Birding on the Chobe floodplains is like falling into a big bowl of ice-cream, without the negative side effects of eating too much of it. Being a boatman for a bird watcher or bird photographer must be exhausting. Stopping every few metres for yet another bird. Imagine how tiring it must be for the photographer!

The Busanga Plains: Paradise Found in Zambia’s Kafue National Park

The Busanga Plains in western Zambia have been on our wish list for some time now. Not least because they are one of those remote areas that host low-density tourism, in a world where many ‘remote’ places are becoming overrun by indiscriminate tourism. Due to Busanga’s remoteness, inaccessibility and few accommodation options, it’s likely to remain that way for the foreseeable future.

Built of moon, mist and rain: Mushrooms of the Zambezi

Mushrooms are magical because they appear and disappear in an instant, and toadstools are the residence of various elves and fairies. This magical “plant” acted as a wonderful substitute to my usual bird watching during a visit to Nambwa Tented Lodge in the Zambezi Region. Having seen very few of my favoured avian pastime goodies, most probably due to the ample amount of rain that fell in the region, the mushrooms replaced the birds (I will add some bird/mushroom recipes at the end of the article). As a result of the limited birding opportunities, my wife Helga had a field-day stopping me every five minutes to take pictures of all the beautiful flowers.

Tour through Kavango and Zambezi

Cattle graze peacefully in the green pastures, and traditional reed and mud huts stand out between fields of mahangu and sorghum, some right next to the main roads – to allow better access to resources and transport. Activities can be observed from your vehicle, or better still, from one of the designated picnic spots under the abundant trees. The area is wild and untamed, giving a glimpse of the ‘real’ Africa. The biggest attraction of the Kavango and Zambezi regions is still the rugged, rural life that can be observed even when only passing through.

Salambala – Forbidden romance & the birth of a conservancy

Deep in the Zambezi Region, on the protruding southernmost tip of the former Caprivi Strip, lies an abundant landscape dominated by Mopane woodland and floodplain grasslands. It’s an environment that boasts a large diversity of exotic bird species – many of which are unique to the area – and plenteous wildlife, including four of Africa’s Big Five.

Paradise has a new name

Green. Lush. Wet. Wild. The sun setting beyond tree canopies. Surprise visits from elusive creatures. An adventure awaits here in one of Namibia’s most enigmatic locales. Welcome to the Zambezi in all its wonder.

KAZA: One tourist destination, five countries

The Zambezi Region, Namibia’s tropical, river-bound north-eastern extremity, is the glue that holds the five partner countries – Namibia, Angola, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Botswana – of the world’s largest transfrontier conservation area together.

The memory of places

A short history of some amazing Namibian locations, now managed by Namibia Wildlife Resorts

The people of Kavango and Zambezi

THE KAVANGO Forming the border between Namibia and Angola for more than 400 km is the Okavango River, lifeline of the Kavango people, who make a […]

Connect your trip

with Zimbabwe

Exploring the national parks of the Zambezi Region

Imagine a pointing index finger, more than 500 kilometres long and 32 kilometres wide. This giant digit is attached to a huge fist, a landmass punctuated with soaring sand dunes and oceans of desert. Surround the finger with rivers— the mighty Zambezi, the Chobe, Linyanti—and you have the Zambezi Region, a water-rich extremity shooting from the north-eastern corner of Namibia like an arrow into the heart of Africa

A meeting of cultures – Impalila Island

After the gritty heat of Chobe and Kasane, taking the boat to Impalila Island is a joy. The island forms the north-eastern tip of Namibia at the meeting place of two major African rivers, the Chobe and Zambezi, and four countries, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Botswana.

The incredible Zambezi Region

Travelling through Namibia is like travelling through several different historical epochs, continuously encountering different cultures and experiencing different types of climate and vegetation. The Zambezi Region in Namibia’s extreme north east is entirely different to the rest of the country in all these respects, especially as regards its history.

Wetland wildlife in the Zambezi region

Anja Denker, Namibian wildlife photographer and visual artist, visited Namibia’s north-east, the Zambezi region, a place of unparalleled wildlife abundance and striking greenery juxtaposed against the rest of the country’s arid, desert Eco-systems. Anja, with a skilled and knowledgeable eye, captured this lush and opulent Eden, shedding light on a road less travelled.

Sharing Zambezi and Chobe’s fish

Managing Namibia’s shared freshwater fish resources in the Zambezi and Chobe rivers requires setting up a detailed database of the aquatic resources by researchers from Namibia, […]

National Parks of Namibia – A diverse suite of alternative breaks for travellers

From the icy waters of the Atlantic to the swamps of the Caprivi, shimmering white fortresses to extraordinary plants, the sweeping landscapes, magnificent game viewing and […]

Accommodation in the Area

African Monarch Lodges

As lodge owners we are custodians of some of the last species in the wild. We take this seriously. So when we build, we ensure that the natural environment is our number one priority.

Caprivi Mutoya Lodge and Campsite

Situated in a small riverine forest, Caprivi Mutoya Lodge & Campsite lies on the banks of a tranquil backwater lake of the Zambezi River, approximately 24km […]

Chobe Water Villas

Chobe Water Villas: A paradise 50,000 elephants call home and where two mighty African rivers meet Chobe Water Villas, an exclusive and intimate “boutique” Lodge is […]

Jackalberry Tented Camp

Contact Tel +264 (0)66 686 101 or +264 (0) 61 250 725 | Email Jackalberry@resdest.com | Web www.jbcamp.com

Journeys Namibia

Into the wild... Discover beauty in remote locations. Journeys Namibia is a reputable management company that takes the strain off lodge owners by taking care of […]

Kazile Island Lodge

Kazile Island Lodge is situated on a private island on the banks of the Kwando River, within the heart of KAZA. Kazile together with its sister […]

Nambwa Tented Lodge

Nambwa Tented Lodge is within the heart of KAZA and the only lodge uniquely situated inside the Bwabwata National Park. Our unquenchable desire to create the […]

Nkasa Lupala Tented Lodge

Located on the banks of one of the many channels in the Kwando-Linyanti river system is Nkasa Lupala Tented Lodge. This unique Namibian wetland paradise in […]

O&L Leisure

Owned by the Ohlthaver & List Group, which was founded in 1919, O&L Leisure Hotels & Lodges is a proudly Namibian hospitality company.

Popa Falls Lodge

With its perennial rivers, magnificent indigenous riverine forests, expansive floodplains and reed-lined channels, Popa Falls Lodge is the ideal destination from which to explore the Bwabwatanational […]

Protea Hotel by Marriott Zambezi River Lodge

Contact Address Ngoma Road, Caprivi Region Katima Mulilo | Tell +264 (0) 66 251 500 | Email res.zambezi@proteahotels.com.na | Website www.protea.marriott.co

Serondela Lodge

Contact: Tel +264 (0)81 1477798 | Tel Reservations +264 (0)66 250725 | Email info@serondelalodge.com/ reservation@resdest.com | Web www.serondelalodge.com

Taranga Safari Lodge

Taranga Safari Lodge is one of only a few luxury bush camp lodges in the Kavango Region. With 2 Deluxe and 8 Classic Luxury open fronted […]

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