Khaudum National park

T he Khaudum National Park is a densely wooded wilderness reserve that borders Botswana in the east and can be explored only in 4×4 vehicles. It is the only conservation area in Namibia where the northern Kalahari sandveld biome is protected.

The Khaudum Nature Reserve was proclaimed in 1989. In February 2007, the 3 842 km2 reserve was given national park status and its name was adapted accordingly. The wilderness harbours several big-game species and a multitude of birds. However, as a result of the dense vegetation, game viewing in the Khaudum requires considerable patience. Large animals found throughout the park are elephant and giraffe, while predators are lion, leopard, spotted hyaena, and side-striped and black-backed jackal. African wild dogs also occur here. Game numbers vary considerably, as Khaudum is unfenced, enabling the animals to follow their natural migration routes.

Khaudum is the stronghold of Namibia’s roan antelope. Other animals seen here are kudu, steenbok, gemsbok and blue wildebeest, while tsessebe, hartebeest, eland and reedbuck occur in the central areas. About 320 bird species have been recorded at Khaudum. Rare species include coppery-tailed and Senegal coucals, Bradfield’s hornbills, rufous-bellied tits, black-faced babblers and sharp-tailed starlings.

Please note: A minimum of two 4×4 vehicles per group are allowed to travel in the park. There are two campsites, Sikereti and Khaudum, the latter of which has recently been upgraded. You are advised to bring your own drinking water, wood, fuel and provisions. In the Kavango Region petrol is sold only at Tsumkwe, Bagani, Divundu, and Rundu.

Elephants are a popular sighting around waterholes as they enjoy playing in the mud. Photo ©Jaco Venter
The park’s northern campsite is privately owned and open for bookings.
The roads in the park are poorly maintained. You won’t be able to travel more than 20-30 km/h, so be patient and take it slow. Photo ©Jaco Venter

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