Windhoek & Surroundings

N amibia’s capital city, Windhoek, is a bustling hub smack bang in the heart of the country. It is surrounded by mountains on all sides, the Eros Mountains in the north-east, the Aus Mountains in the south-east and the Khomas Hochland to the west. The city is cosmopolitan while at the same time retaining a small-town atmosphere. It is a walkable city, with many of its attractions located close to one another.

Two and a half hours north of Windhoek lies the Waterberg National Park, an island of colour that rises 200 metres above its surroundings. The resplendent brick-red sandstone formations and lush green vegetation make the park a major attraction in the area. Other attractions include the Hoba Meteorite, the largest meteorite on earth, and ancient dinosaur footprints at Otjihaenamaparero guest farm. Further east is Tsumkwe, the main town in what use to be referred to as Bushmanland and Khaudum National Park, a far-flung and remote reserve for wildlife.


  • Windhoek is Namibia’s capital and largest city
  • It is known by the traditional names of /Ai//Gams (Khoekhoe for ‘hot springs’) and Otjimuise (Otjiherero for (‘place of steam’)
  • Windhoek is the economic, social, cultural and political centre of Namibia
  • There are many historical sites of colonial German heritage, which contrast the contemporary architectural styles of modern buildings
  • The Waterberg Plateau, 250 km north of Windhoek, rises 200 metres above the surrounding savannah
  • The Hoba Meteorite is the largest known meteorite in the world
  • Tsumkwe and surroundings are home to Namibia’s earliest ancestors


  • Take a walk through Windhoek, find your bearings, meet the locals, see all the main attractions and exercise those jet-lagged legs
  • Visit the Namibian Craft Centre to stock up on goodies for those who stayed at home, and get a sense for traditional artworks
  • Go on a city tour, learn about Windhoek’s history and visit vibrant Katutura. Try out some kapana and the locally brewed oshikundu
  • Go on a guided game drive through Waterberg National Park atop the plateau and spot buffalo, eland and rhino
  • Learn about the ancient skills of the San people at the Ju/’Hoansi-San Living Mueseum near Tsumke
  • Learn more about wild-cat conservation with AfriCat at Okonjima Private Nature Reserve
  • Go see Hoba, the largest meteorite in the world


Windhoek & Surroundings


Windhoek & Surroundings

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Explore central Namibia and the capital city Windhoek

Namibia’s capital city, Windhoek, is a bustling hub smack bang in the heart of the country.

Zero Waste Store Namibia opens in Windhoek

A first for Namibia as Brigitte Reissner opens the doors of the Zero Waste Store Namibia in Windhoek and offers a waste-free style of living.

Exploring Windhoek’s Katutura

One of the easiest ways to see the highlights of any city is to take a guided tour, but surprisingly Windhoek did not have a regular city tour operator until earlier this year when Lothem Safaris, in conjunction with the Namibia Scientific Society, launched Windhoek City Tours.

A City at Your Feet: Windhoek Trails

I guess there are few countries in the world where you can drive from the centre of the capital for just 15 minutes, walk for 45 minutes and enjoy views of the city stretched out far below you. And when you make a 180 degree turn, all you see is unspoilt nature.

Bars with a View in Windhoek

People like views; we are drawn to places where we can look over wide vistas and see horizons stretched out into infinity. Luckily, in a place like Windhoek, with its many hills and mountains, there is no shortage of lookout points. However, if you’d like a drink with that view, have a look at our recommendations for the best bars with views in Windhoek.

The 5 Most Romantic Experiences in Namibia

What makes a moment truly romantic? Is it about the atmosphere, the candles and the roses? Or the fact that it is you and your significant other spending time together? Does it have to be at a remarkable destination, or is it about the journey there?

When it comes to romantic experiences, Namibia is full of them. Here we have listed the top five activities that are sure to send sparks flying.

TNN’s Most Romantic Destinations in Namibia

Namibia is one of the most romantic countries on the continent, with a variety of places to set hearts alight, from the open spaces of the south, to the lush greenery of the northeast. So before you get absolutely overwhelmed with all things Valentine’s, take a look at our list of the most romantic destinations in Namibia every couple should visit this Valentine’s Day, or whenever!

Kapana, Namibia’s soul food

Words Lavinia Kapewasha & Photographs Annelien Robberts There are many reasons to travel. Food is one. There's one thing we can all agree on, food doth […]

The Ultimate Namibian Bucket-list

All over the world visitors are attracted to the obvious must-sees. To those images which catch the eye on a TV screen, in a travel magazine or on a billboard. Images are the most powerful tool in tourism and luckily, Namibia is one of the most photogenic destinations. There are so many places in our country begging one to come closer, look deeper and become part of the picture.

A Coffee-Lover’s Guide to Windhoek

There are two kinds of people in the world. Those who drink coffee and those that don’t. I feel very sorry for the latter. It seems to me that a large chunk of my life is spent thinking about where to have my next coffee, which type of coffee I should get, and which establishments make the best coffee.

Utopia Boutique: How to Rest, Refresh and Rejuvenate Responsibly

The Utopia Boutique Guesthouse is the N/a’an ku sê Collection’s urban solution to relaxation in the city. It is an inviting place for the weary traveller to rest, refresh and rejuvenate before the next adventure.

Work, Eat and Play at AVANI

If you are familiar with the happenings on Independence Avenue in the capital you will know that there was some serious grinding, welding and concrete mixing […]

A Sweet Surprise Halfway between Nothing and Nowhere

There’s a quirky little restaurant a couple of kilometres southwest of Rehoboth in Namibia’s dry and dramatic Hardap region. Called Conny’s, the establishment is a famous stop-over for many a tour bus or camper. It’s a place to relax and recharge over lovely local cuisine made in the Baster-style of the area. Try to Google it, though, and you might not find much about the area. In fact, without the weathered sign next to the road one might miss it altogether.

Windhoek’s Top 5 Must-visit Markets

We’ve compiled a quick list of our favourite Windhoek markets that you cannot miss during your visit to the capital city.

Where to find best cake in Windhoek

Where can you nibble on a slice of one of the most delicious cakes in Windhoek? The options are endless, but we’ve narrowed it down.

Launch of Boat Cruise at NWR’s Hardap Dam Resort

The recent addition of a 45-seater boat at NWR’s Hardap Dam resort is a step towards increased interest in the park as well as an uptake in visitor numbers. NWR invested close to N$1 million in the boat.

Top 10 Romantic Namibian Honeymoon Destinations

A stunning location like Namibia is bound to have its fair share of isolated spots with which to tempt the starry-eyed newlyweds. That is why we’ve compiled a short list of the ten most romantic places in Namibia for royally in love couples to spend their honeymoons.

5 Ways to enjoy the Pantry at Avani Windhoek Hotel and Casino

The official opening of Pantry at AVANI at the beginning of 2018 brought the business of good food to the people. A skilled and dedicated kitchen staff to spoil the palate sees to it that Pantry at AVANI is unforgettable.

Midgard Country Estate

Midgard is nestled in the Otjihavera Mountains, an hour and a half’s drive from Windhoek. Everything you will need to ensure a comfortable stay is available on site: Carl’s Dining Room & Bar, the Bali Boma, BBQ Terrace, three swimming pools, a gym and sauna and the Kegelbahn, a private skittle alley.

Past and Present meet in a Windhoek Heritage Tour

Asser is one of the first specialised young Namibian heritage guides. Together with his partner Maria he set up Asmara Tours, offering cultural tours of Windhoek for visitors and locals to learn more about Namibian traditions passed down through generations.

How to Travel Green the Namibian Way

Two sites in Windhoek are currently being prepared as the first carbon offsetting nurseries – one at the Dagbreek School for the Intellectually Impaired and the other at Farm Okukuna near Goreangab Dam, which forms part of the City of Windhoek’s Food Security Programme.

Love on Valentine’s Day in Namibia

Words by Annelien Robberts It is almost Valentine's Day and with red and pink hearts on display all over the place, it is inevitable that love […]

Top 4 View Points in Windhoek

How about taking a couple of minutes to escape from your screen and busy schedule? Finish the year with the same energy you started. I have compiled a list of tiny escapes right here in Windhoek with beautiful views. Beauty is everywhere, whether you appreciate it today, on Christmas day or only next year January until the “New Year, new me” motion has passed. There is poetry in each sunset, a spiritual element in every scenic view. Few things are as liberating as watching a sunset from your favourite spot with a good friend.

10 Things to See and Do at the Old Breweries Complex in Windhoek

There are few places in Windhoek where you can find such a great combination of shops, food, and entertainment as at the Old Breweries Complex in […]

10 Best Places to do Breakfast in Namibia’s Capital City

Words and main photograph: Nina van Schalkwyk Everyone has their favourite breakfast place. I know I do. Sunday mornings, sleeping late before finally falling into some […]

Where to Find Great Local Art in Windhoek

Words and photos: Nina van Schalkwyk Every city has an art scene, an almost invisible world of artists who set the pace for the nation’s creativity. […]

5 Pretty Cool Places to People-Watch in Windhoek

Written by Nina van Schalkwyk To "people watch" is to observe life in action As I write this, I’m sitting at one of the wooden tables […]

Where to Find Live Music in Windhoek

In big cities, there are always great hangouts where the work-from-home crowd take their laptops and cell-phones and get stuff done.

Top 5 best bars in Windhoek

Where’s the best bar to go to? That’s a universal question, isn’t it? In every city in the world, you’ll find newcomers asking that question. I’m no newbie to Windhoek, but I found myself pondering just that this past week.

Windhoek’s 5 Spots to take your work and get it done

In big cities, there are always great hangouts where the work-from-home crowd take their laptops and cell-phones and get stuff done.

A quick walking tour through Windhoek

I often wonder what the easiest route is to take through Windhoek’s CBD that would give one the best views of the city. There are certain buildings that I love, certain places that I want to show everyone who visits, so that’s why it had me thinking: what’s the best way to go when you’re on foot?

A quick weekend away

It’s not every day that your boyfriend decides to whisk you away on a romantic weekend getaway to Africa Safari Lodge, with a special picked up from Today. I was lucky enough to have the chance to do just that. So, on Friday after work, we set off into the sunset.

One Sunday in Windhoek

For many tourists who come to Namibia, Windhoek is not the main attraction, but merely a stop-over, a place to quickly refuel or await your flights. It’s easy enough to stay busy in this capital city, where tourism is still the main income for many—except on a Sunday, when everything kind of closes down. Which got me thinking… If you have just one day in Windhoek, and it’s a Sunday, what do you do?

Take a break on the road between Windhoek and Rundu

Journeys are about exploring and discovering. They are crammed with surprises: interesting people, fascinating stories and intriguing places. Instead of racing to your destination, consider slowing down and spicing up your trip with some colourful stops.

Ti Melen – The African castle in the capital

Nestled against a hillside on the eastern outskirts of the capital, there’s a little yellow castle. From the outside it appears to be reminiscent of something you’d find in a European countryside. When you pass through the front door though, all similarities with the northern continent fade away and you are met by the style and ambiance of an African bush safari.

A closer look at Big Sky Lodges

Take a look at the 4 establishments that together make up Big Sky Lodges, a part of the Naturally Namibia group

The memory of places

A short history of some amazing Namibian locations, now managed by Namibia Wildlife Resorts

Seven worlds in seven days

This land has an endless supply of contrasts. Travel News Namibia’s team member Elzanne Erasmus recently discovered this first hand. She embarked on an expedition to visit each accommodation establishment in the Naturally Namibia family, all in one week!

Otjimbondona Kalahari: Join the Slaneys in the Kalahari

The place of the “little” camel thorns and the grand views Main photo: One of four secluded villas, each with its own plunge pool on the […]

Windhoek – Where Africa and Europe meet

by Michaela Kanzler In late 2004, motorists at the intersection of Sam Nujoma Drive and Robert Mugabe Avenue – not far from the Alte Feste Fort […]

The Olive Exclusive

From professionally trained whiskey barmen to carefully selected traditional artefacts from every corner of Namibia, the Olive Exclusive Boutique Hotel in Windhoek will fill a gap […]

National Parks of Namibia – A diverse suite of alternative breaks for travellers

From the icy waters of the Atlantic to the swamps of the Caprivi, shimmering white fortresses to extraordinary plants, the sweeping landscapes, magnificent game viewing and […]

Accommodation in the Area

Am Weinberg

Shifting the bar skyward  Am Weinberg Estate in Windhoek has become the talk of the town amongst modern-day residential and commercial property seekers. Comprising luxurious residential […]


Steeped in history, the heritage house at the Am Weinberg Estate, now a national monument, is a true Namibian gem. Situated in the upmarket suburb of […]

Auas Safari Lodge

Located in African savannah embraced by the Auas Mountains, Auas Safari Lodge celebrates landscape and animals. A 45-minute drive from Hosea Kutako International Airport, the lodge […]

AVANI Windhoek Hotel & Casino

Escape the everyday and enter a world of luxury! Wrap yourself up in comfort in your sophisticated modern room, or flirt with Lady Luck a little […]

Belvedere Boutique Hotel

A home away from home - only better! Conveniently situated in Ludwigsdorf, Klein Windhoek, the Belvedere Boutique Hotel is an exclusive, up-market sanctuary for modern-day business […]

Casa Blanca

Welcome to Casa Blanca, an oasis of easy and carefree living! With its Spanish-style architecture and tranquil garden, this boutique hotel pension provides relaxed accommodation for […]

Droombos: A Culmination of Perfection

A culmination of perfection is what comes to mind when visiting Droombos, an exclusive lodge that refuses to be associated with the ordinary. And rightly so. […]

Düsternbrook Safari Guest Farm

Duesternbrook Safari Guest Farm ( 14 000 ha), with its renovated colonial buildings ( 1908) is situated 50kms northwest of Windhoek and only 90 km from the international […]

Eningu Clayhouse Lodge

Space and tranquility - creativity, style and inspiration - archeology and art- fine food and good company... This is Eningu, the Clayhouse Lodge in the Kalahari. […]


GocheGanas Nature Reserve & Wellness Village, a perfect BEGINNING and a superb ENDING to your Safari and Adventure in Namibia. A luxurious PRIVATE NATURE RESERVE and […]

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