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October 2, 2014
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Dillish Mathews with NTB spokesperson Maggy Mbako and NTB's Rebekka Hidulika - Manager, Digital Marketing

Dillish Mathews, Namibia’s first Big Brother champion and social media queen, is swopping her high heels for boots.

Yesterday, the Big Brother housemate announced her next big adventure – one which will see her camping (not her preferred mode of outdoor fun) and rock-climbing in the Spitzkoppe (she admits this endevour could result in a broken nail) for her country. But, one thing her fans can be assured off, is that she will provide regular social media feedback via her preferred channels, such as Instagram and Twitter – and she won’t hide a thing!

Dillish Mathews will leave her heels behind ... and discover her Namibia.

Dillish Mathews will leave her heels behind … and discover her Namibia.


During her 11 day trip, zig-zagging south, west, north and a bit to the east, she will be tweeting, insta-gramming and generally recording her triumphs and challenges with the hashtag #MyNamibiaHoliday and #ShareMyNamibia.

The road trip forms part of a new campaign, spearheaded by the Namibia Tourism Board (NTB), which will see the hashtag #sharemynamibia and #mynamibiaholiday jump to the top of the charts in order to foster a better understanding amongst Namibians about their country and all it can offer the keen traveller and adventure junkies. Moreover, Namibians themselves are encouraged to take part in the campaign, showcasing their own travels throughout Namibia and sharing tips and ideas for sight-seeing and adventure. By sending the info to the NTB board, your ideas will be included in their new Share My Namibia travel guide app – that same day!

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NTB Chief Executive Officer Digu /Naobeb  yesterday explained that the Tourism Board understands that it has to adapt to the times – which means plugging into social media platforms in order to reach Namibians who are increasingly attached to social media. By bringing Dillish on board, NTB will be able to draw in her hundreds of thousands of fans and spread the message locally on what people can do and experience, wherever they are.

/Naobeb said that by targeting the social media generation through this campaign the tourism board hopes to “stimulate a chain reaction” – much like a “currently trending” twitter subject – in order to boost domestic tourism. He said that 2013 data shows that more that 40% of the average bed occupancy rates last year was from Namibians – a clear signal that Namibians are increasingly ready to explore and enjoy local tourism opportunities.

Dillish Mathews getting equipped with a backpack for her upcoming trip. With her are (left) Klemens /Awarab (Marketing Manager at NTB) and NTB CEO Digu //Naobeb

Dillish Mathews getting equipped with a backpack for her upcoming trip. With her are (right) Klemens /Awarab (Marketing Manager at NTB) and NTB CEO Digu //Naobeb

Namibians are encouraged to visit NTB’s website, where they can access the #ShareMyNamibia app – click what route you are interested to take, and select what particular activities interest you (possibly all of them). Once you have done your selection, the app shows the visitor what tourist attractions and activities are available on the route, and provides contact details.

SHARE YOUR NAMIBIA – Namibians are encourage to share their Namibia by sending NTB tips on attractions and activities not listed currently. That same day, NTB will include this info in their app.

The #sharemynamibia | #MyNamibiaHoliday campaign will kick off with Dillish’s road trip on Sunday – and, as Namibia’s most followed social media queen, her adventures during the 11 day trip are sure to make the rounds.

Share my Namibia App

Share my Namibia App


Dillish has approximately 220 000 Facebook followers, 101 000 Twitter followers and 65 000 Instagram fans. With the press of a button, Dillish will open up the eyes of Namibians to the many nooks and crannies of sights and activities on offer throughout Namibia.

Dillish on Twitter

Dillish – Instagram

Dillish Facebook









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