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January 15, 2020
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January 15, 2020

Text and Photographs Le Roux van Schalkwyk

It’s six o’clock on a Tuesday afternoon and Etosha Trading Post is pumping with holidaymakers. Some are stopping for a quick bite to eat and a cold drink, relaxing after a boiling hot day driving around Etosha National Park. Others are picking up supplies for the night’s campfire meal, snacks for the next day’s game viewing or trying to find whatever item was forgotten in the rush of packing. It’s inevitable to forget at least one crucial piece in your kit.

Etosha Trading Post opened its doors in September and has already exceeded expectations in terms of business traffic. Early mornings and late afternoons are the busiest, coinciding with the time when people are on their way between Etosha and their respective lodges or campsites outside the park. With loads of accommodation options along the Outjo-Okaukuejo road, the popularity of this new shop and service station comes as no surprise. It is ideally located only 6.5 km from Etosha’s Andersson Gate, and word around the campfire is that even guests staying inside the park are regular customers because of the wide variety of products. Another good reason is the fact that the next-closest place to buy groceries requires a 90 km trek south – to Outjo.

The Trading Post is the brainchild of Taleni Africa, a tourism company which saw a need for a place to refuel and stock up on necessities. Apart from the service station, travellers are also able to repair or buy new tires, replace a faulty car battery and even get the vehicle washed for the journey home.

The eccentricity of the decor adds to the charm of this new landmark. Wall features are made from old watering cans, farm tools, milk cans and horseshoes. Inside the shop there are countless antiques on display between products, even a working gramophone.

The deli offers delicious bread and other freshly baked goodies daily. You can also find ready-made meals ranging from gourmet brötchens to salads and lasagne. For those early risers, a hot cuppa Joe’s and a signature koeksister will have you awake and ready for a day of game viewing. Furthermore you can restock on just about any drinks and food, buy camping gear and delicious products homemade in the district.

Campers will be delighted to know that the Trading Post offers eight individual campsites, each equipped with private ablutions and all the amenities required for a comfortable camping experience. Excellently positioned as a base from where to explore the wonders of Etosha, four extra-spacious campsites are also available for large groups. The campsite’s pool resembles a concrete farm dam complete with windpump and is an excellent way to cool down after a hot day in the car. The 24-hour security will ensure that your belongings are safe throughout the day.

The Etosha Trading Post makes you feel as if you are on a treasure hunt, finding something new and wonderful around every bend. It should definitely be a stop on your next trip to Etosha, even if it is only to have a look around or taste a yummy koeksister

This article was first published in the Summer 2019/20 issue of Travel News Namibia.

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