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August 22, 2019
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Photographer Jandré Germishuizen grew up with a love for Namibia’s nature that led him to study conservation and guiding in South Africa. However, after returning to his homeland, Jandré gradually became more interested in turning his photography hobby into a career. Jandré is currently a full-time photography guide who accompanies some of the world’s greatest photographers through Namibia. They have included National Geographic photographer Art Wolfe, leading landscape and wildlife photographer Hougaard Malan, who was awarded the Landscape Photographer of the Year in 2016, and Izak Pretorius, the National History Museum’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year. Driven by the urge to capture what is different, Jandré continues to be excited by the possibility of drawing viewers into a new world.

I’m Jandré Germishuizen, and for as long as I can remember, my passion has been the great outdoors.

I’ve spent most of my life in the south of Namibia, where I was introduced to one of the most beautiful places on earth – Sossusvlei. After matriculating in South Africa I realised I had no choice but to follow a career that would allow me to spend most of my time in nature.

I spent some time back home and then returned to South Africa to study nature conservation and guiding, my compact DSLR never leaving my side.

After graduating I accompanied small private groups to Sossusvlei as a guide and later led groups all over Namibia.

I soon realised that photography is my passion. With the help of some great mentors I gradually worked towards accomplishing my dream of becoming a professional photographer, which now is my everyday life. Currently I am a full-time photography guide.

Photography is part of my being. I constantly have the urge to capture what’s new and different. Luring viewers into new worlds, experiences and possibilities gets me excited and motivated to keep doing what I do.

We live in a highly visual world, with the constant opportunity to draw viewers into images. If I can inspire, amuse and entice through what has been a massive presence in my life, nature and images, then my mission is accomplished.

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Instagram: @jandre_namibia_photo_

This article was first published in the Winter 2019 issue of Travel News Namibia.

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