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April 30, 2019
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Compiled by: Le Roux van Schalkwyk

Maybe it’s the constant flow of tourists who want to experience the town’s old world delight or maybe it’s the people who choose to escape the rat race of Windhoek to settle in the relaxed small town environment. It could be something in the fresh coastal air awakens the appetite and therefore a taste for high-quality food. Whatever the reason is for the variety of restaurants, I am sure not many Namibians will argue that Swakopmund is the culinary capital of Namibia. For its small size this quaint, popular coastal town offers a large diversity in terms of gastronomic delights.  Although a lot of restaurants lean towards German cuisine, there are still enough other establishments that offer a variety of choices to cater to everyone’s taste. Here’s Travel News Namibia’s list of 10 ten restaurants to visit when in Swakopmund.


Definitely the most famous restaurant on this list and rightly so. Brauhaus is known for its authentic German cuisine and lively atmosphere. If you can’t decide what to eat, try the eisbein, it never fails to impress. Furthermore, beer-lovers frequent the Brauhaus for its variety of beers, local and international, but also for the large glass boot of beer that offers a challenge of its own.

Jetty 1905

Situated at the end of the historical SwakopmundJetty, Jetty 1905 offers fantastic panoramic views of the ocean and the town. Large windows and waves crashing into the supporting structure of the restaurant makes you feel like you’re on a ship at sea. Besides, who doesn’t like sitting at a place that overlooks the vast Atlantic Ocean, while tucking away at a seafood dish.

The Tug

Strange name for a restaurant on the land you might say? The Tug  Restaurant is built around the original Danie Hugo tugboat that was built in Scotland in the late 1950’s. Situated next to the entrance of the Swakopmund Jetty, this “land ship” offers diners a great view of the jetty and the ocean alongside delicious locally sourced seafood. To experience the real deal have a beer in the bar and go to the upper deck for your meal, as these areas are authentic to the original tugboat

Kücki’s Pub

Over three decades old and centrally situated, Kücki’s Pub is well known to locals and visitors alike. With a lively pub atmosphere accompanied by German cuisine and seafood, eating here is always a fun experience.

Gabriele’s Italian Pizzeria

Slightly hard to find if you’re not well acquainted with Swakop, but definitely worth a visit. I would go out on a limb and call this the best authentic Italian pizza you’ll eat outside of Italy. Don’t expect a pizza packed with millions of toppings, but rather pizza done the right way, where your crust and sauce are the most important elements. Find Gabriele’s at the old laundry in Swakop Street, just up the street from the National Marine Aquarium of Namibia.

Old Steamer Restaurant

Beautifully decorated in a steampunk-style, it’s hard to not constantly be distracted by the effort and detail that went into creating this unique eatery. The cosy atmosphere and delicious buffet is something that will make you want to return time and time again. Located in the Alte Brücke Resort it is a little out of the way, but thanks to Swakop’s small size not hard to find.

Tiger Reef Beach Bar & Grill

A sunset over the Atlantic and a sundowner in one hand is definitely one of my favourite ways to end a day. Tiger Reef with its deck situated right on the beach is perfect for everyone. Parents can enjoy a bite to eat while the kids swim and play in the sand. Dog parents can have a drink and their four-legged children can run around on the beach with other dogs. Or those without any dependants can just enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the rustic setting with its simple but tasty dishes.

Altstadt Restaurant and Beer garden

With a  beautifully crafted wooden interior, cosy bar and spacious beer garden, Altstadt set close to the town centre is a new edition to the town’s culinary scene. The menu consists mainly of German cuisine, but also offers seafood and steak for those we want some variety.

Brewer and Butcher

Any restaurant that brews its own beer is worth going to in my opinion. The Brewer and Butcher is no exception. Set around shiny copper tanks in which the restaurant’s beer is brewed, the layout gives the feeling of an old-world beer hall, but with a modern twist. Apart from the house beer, brewed by the Swakopmund Brewing Company, the food with its fusion of Nambian and German cuisine never disappoints.

Village Cafe

No visit to Swakopmund is complete without a stop at the Village Cafe. Renowned for the friendly staff and delicious home-style food, it comes as no surprise that during the holidays you’ll sometimes have to wait a couple of minutes for a table to become available.

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