Adventure is in the air. Soaring over the dunes, gliding past the setting sun 
or floating over crashing waves, flying in Namibia is for those with a sense of
adventure. Within hours, airplane passengers may see hundreds of elephants
 crossing the rivers in the Zambezi region, gasp at the sheer size and beauty of the pan as they fly over the Etosha National Park, and land at the coast in time to watch the sun set over the sea. Flying provides access and adventure, and is amazingly available to tourists. – Ginger Mauney, filmmaker and writer

Namibia’s northern coastline, which makes up a large section of the Skeleton Coast Park, is a prime example of how dramatically Namibia’s landscapes contrast one another. The centuries-old rock formations juxtaposed against the roaring dunes of the Namib Desert, create an otherworldly panorama, especially when your vantage point is from above.

The northern section of the Skeleton Coast Park is restricted to fly-in safaris, a touring medium that easily provides one of the most popular adventure options in Namibia. Fly-in safaris to Kaokoland, the Kunene River environs and the northern section of the Skeleton Coast Park, provide visitors with the opportunity to explore an area where there has been little external contact or influence and often proves to be the experience of a lifetime. The region is far off the beaten track, so comparatively few tourists have the opportunity to visit this Namibian outpost.

The relatively unexplored areas of the Kaokoland provide for a true adventure, as guests visit semi-nomadic Himba communities, search for the rare desert-adapted rhinos and elephants, and discover the rugged and mysterious landscapes. A fly-in safari to the north-west, most often departing from Windhoek, will take visitors across desert landscapes towards and up the coast, over fishing waters off Swakopmund, Wlotkasbaken and Henties Bay, providing
a bird’s-eye view of shipwrecks and orange lichen fields all the way up to the Kunene River, the furthest point of the journey. This is by far the best way for a traveller to see a large part of a country in a short period of time as opposed to driving to these destinations, especially in a country such as Namibia where distances are vast and locations are few and far between.

Fly-in safaris can also explore parts of the country that are mostly off-limits to the general traveller. With an aeroplane as your safari vehicle, it is possible to explore such areas from many different vantage points, the breathtaking views often becoming life-changing experiences that make for an added bonus. Companies that facilitate fly-in safaris and charters to the north-west include Skeleton Coast Fly-in Safaris, West-Air, Wilderness Air, Pleasure Flights, Desert Air, Wings over Africa, Trustco Air Services, Natural High Safaris and Tshokwane Safaris.

Featured Fly-in Safari Companies

Air Namibia

NO MATTER YOUR DESTINATION, ALWAYS CARRY THE SPIRIT OF NAMIBIA For bookings Book Online: Call Centre +264 61 299 6111 or contact your Travel […]

Desert Air

No destination is off-limits!

Experience Namibia from the skies with tailor-made and flexible private flying charters from Desert Air. With 23 years of flying experience, let our pilots wow you with their extensive knowledge of Namibia.

Scenic Air

JOIN SCENIC AIR FOR FLEXIBLE, PERSONAL CHARTERS CATERED TO YOUR SPECIFIC NEEDS! Windhoek Office: Tel: +264 61 249 268 Email: Swakopmund Office: Tel: +264 […]

Skeleton Coast Safaris

THE SKELETON COAST ...conjures up mysterious visions of mist-enshrouded beaches strewn with bleached whalebones and rusted shipwrecks. During the course of a safari with us, you […]


Westair Aviation is a fully integrated aviation services provider based at Eros airport, Namibia.

Westair Aviation launches scheduled passenger airline – FlyWestair

Westair Aviation launches “FlyWestair” as official Scheduled Passenger Airline On Monday 24 June 2019, a new era in Namibian aviation will take flight with Westair Aviation’s […]

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