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November 5, 2015
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November 6, 2015

Uniquely Namibia…

Beaded artworks made by Ju’/hoansi San women from Omaheke are lovingly stitched bead by bead.

Wanting to buy something uniquely Namibian and make a difference?

Visit Omba Arts for authentic. quality and fairly traded craft. Omba has been working with rural communities for over 20 years and showcases one of the largest and most diverse ranges of exclusively Namibian hand made items.

We work in partnership with over 450 producers, in ten regions providing training, product development and marketing support. 95% of the groups we support are women and over 60% are San.

Palm fibre is tinted with natural plant dyes and wrapped around an inner core of grass, creating spectacular baskets.
Bead-making from ostrich eggshell is a 40 000 year old tradition still practiced by Ju’/hoansi living in the eastern regions of Namibia.
These charming crocheted dolls are made by !Kung San living in remote settlements in northern Namibia.
Some of the finest San art can be found in Omba’s Art-i-San outlet that specialises in San Art.
Women from the Khaudum North Conservancies use a traditional weaving technique to make contemporary baskets.
Omba sells a range of limited edition San art prints made by artists living in Omaheke and Ohangwena regions.
Finely hand-carved wooden seed pods from community-managed forests.

Omba Arts, First Floor, Namibia Craft Centre, 40 Tal Street, Windhoek

Art-i-San, Unit 15 A (opposite Studio 77) Old Breweries Craft Market, Tal Street, Windhoek

Tel 061 242799

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