10 things you might not know about Namibia

Discover the Hidden Gems of Namibia: Unveil the lesser-known wonders of this enchanting African nation with our captivating list of ’10 Things You Might Not Know About Namibia.’


  1. Namibia is one of the least densely populated countries in the world, with just 2.6 million people living in a land area that is nearly three times the size of California.
  2. The Namib Desert, hugging the entire Namibian coastline, is one of the oldest deserts in the world and home to some of the planet’s most unique and diverse plant and animal species.
  3. Namibia is one of only a few countries which have enshrined the protection of wildlife and the environment and the principle of sustainable use in their constitution.
  4. The Himba people of Namibia are famous for their striking appearance and unique cultural practices, including the use of otjize, a red ochre mixture, to cover their skin and hair.
  5. Namibia is home to the largest population of free-roaming black rhino outside of national parks.
  6. Namibia has two UNESCO World Heritage Sites – Twyfelfontein and its rock engravings, and the Namib Sand Sea.
  7. With an estimated 3,000 cheetahs living here, Namibia is home to one of the largest free-roaming cheetah populations in the world.
  8. Namibia has some of the clearest skies in the world, making it an ideal destination for stargazing. The NamibRand Nature Reserve is a particularly good place to go if you want to see the Milky Way in all its glory.
  9. Etosha National Park in northern Namibia is one of the largest game reserves in Africa and home to over 114 mammal species and 340 bird species.
  10. Namibia is home to the largest sand dunes in the world, including the famous Sossusvlei dunes, which attract thousands of visitors each year. 

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