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July 5, 2024

Gardens in the desert

On the edge of the Namib Desert, at the gateway to Sossusvlei, lies the village of Maltahöhe. Founded in 1899 and once a hub for tourism, Maltahöhe has been on a steady decline for a number of decades. As it became more dilapidated, this small southern community saw an exodus of businesspeople and a massive spike in unemployment. What had been a welcome stopover was now a place that visitors would rather pass through in a hurry. But this was in the past, and today Maltahöhe is on track to become a thriving desert-based economy thanks to an exciting community revitalisation project called RuralRevive.
May 17, 2024

A Hike In The Shadow Of Brandberg

I hear the familiar crunch of my hiking boots on the sand as the sun peeks from the granite koppies behind Madisa Camp. It is the start of a four- day slackpack hike. The first two days will take us down into the Ugab River, and on the other two we will follow the bends of the river course as we make our way upstream. It is the land of desert-adapted elephants, magical landscapes and Brandberg Mountain. Exploring this area on foot is a new experience for me – and I am savouring it.
May 17, 2024

At Home Under A Bushmanland Baobab

Bumpy roads often lead to the best destinations, especially when accompanied by dense bushveld all around and the sight of a baobab in the distance, protruding far above the treeline. This particular jeep track veers deep into the Nyae Nyae conservancy of Namibia’s northeast and leads us to a crescent koppie – in the nape of its bend a quintessential Bushmanland baobab – for the inauguration of the research base camp of the Pangolin Conservation and Research Foundation (PCRF).
May 17, 2024

The Kavango-Zambezi transfrontier ELEPHANT SURVEY

The first flight to begin an elephant survey covering parts of Angola, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe took off from a dirt strip in Zimbabwe on 22 August 2022. The survey area, known as the Kavango-Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation Area (KAZA TFCA), hosts over half of Africa’s savanna elephants, which underlines the importance of the survey.
May 17, 2024

Meet the Peeling Bark Ochna

In this series we explore the beauty of trees with our beloved local nature-enthusiasts and authors, Helga and Pompie Burger. Each with a unique voice and opinions on how best to identify the trees of the Kavango and Zambezi, Helga and Pompie help us through the tricky trials of identifying northeastern Namibia’s most iconic flora.
May 17, 2024

Not another GREY GO-AWAY

As our skipper slowly turns the boat toward the dock along the bank, a flutter of wings catches my attention in the canopy of the adjacent Ana tree. My brain-eye coordination is still set on “bird spotting mode”, even though our water adventure has come to an end for the day. There, in the lofty canopy, I see the characteristic mohawk-style wispy crest of a Turaco.
May 17, 2024

Discover the TOP 5 EXPERIENCES to enjoy in the Zambezi Region

The Zambezi Region, a lush and vibrant wilderness in Namibia, beckons adventurers with its abundant wildlife and captivating landscapes. If you are planning a trip to Namibia, don’t miss out on the must-do activities that this region has to offer. Here are our top five recommendations for unforgettable experiences in the Zambezi Region.
March 29, 2024

Dwarf Lions of the Desert

The ancient Greeks referred to the chameleon (chamai leon) as dwarf or earth lion because of the fighting spirit the small creature revealed when attacked. Given the fact that the embryo develops underground – the female digs a hole for the eggs and the young have to literally dig their way out – these tiny creatures fight for their survival from the word go.
March 28, 2024

Giving Plastic Pollution a Cute Face

Seals are popularly known as the dogs of the sea. This is because seals and dogs are physically similar and therefore classed in the same carnivore sub-order called Caniformes (meaning dog-like). Even their behaviour is similar, as seals are known to be playful and intelligent. Not surprisingly, humans can easily relate to seals as the marine version of man’s best friend.
January 21, 2024

Do blissfully nothing at Ietsiemeer

Beach holidays on our coastline look a little different. The Skeleton Coast did not earn its name for being a sunny swimmers’ haven. It is called that way for being majestically moody and predominantly overcast, with the cold Benguela Current ruling the restless waters. Sure, the sun comes out and the wind takes a break every so often, but loving our coast includes indulging in its almost constant cooler weather. Going for beach walks here means wearing a sweater and sensing how the baby hairs around your face curl from the crisp moisture. It is a different kind of Namibia from the dry interior, a welcome respite and utterly magical in its own right.
January 21, 2024

Grave of John Ludwig

Driving down Willemien Street in Windhoek’s Ludwigsdorf suburb you will notice an old graveyard with an impressive mausoleum that might seem a bit out of place among the high-walled modern houses. The graveyard is the last resting place of John Ludwig, one of the colonial pioneers, after whom this luxury suburb is named.
January 21, 2024

Namibia’s Biomass Revolution

With 45 million hectares of the country considered “bush encroached”, Namibia finds itself in a unique situation – one which holds the potential to provide revenue and opportunity. And indeed, a dynamic industry is developing around the biomass resource. Here is a summary of what was discussed at the recent Standard Bank Biomass Fair 2023.
January 21, 2024

Dust-stomping playlist

So much of this continent’s cultural identity, from South Africa to Egypt, from Tanzania to Nigeria, is rooted in the practice of dancing. But before Africa could dance, its people made music. You only need to hear a church choir sing gospel, their synchronised swaying helping to keep the tempo, and see two hands move like liquid over the stretched hide of a drum, to begin to understand the influence Africa has had on countless music genres.
September 28, 2023

Oysters, architecture and history: Uncover the charm of Lüderitz 

Explore the hidden charms of Lüderitz, the gateway to Namibia's historic Kolmanskop ghost town. Immerse yourself in rich history, dine at seaside eateries, and discover stunning architecture. From the iconic Felsenkirche to the intriguing Kolmanskop, Lüderitz beckons with tales of the past.