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September 28, 2023

Oysters, architecture and history: Uncover the charm of Lüderitz 

Explore the hidden charms of Lüderitz, the gateway to Namibia's historic Kolmanskop ghost town. Immerse yourself in rich history, dine at seaside eateries, and discover stunning architecture. From the iconic Felsenkirche to the intriguing Kolmanskop, Lüderitz beckons with tales of the past.
September 27, 2023

Community-driven transformation uncovering Ombonde People’s Park

Discover the untamed beauty of the Erongo-Kunene Community Conservation Area and Ombonde People’s Park, a dynamic bridge between tradition and innovation. Journey through stunning landscapes, from scenic savannah woodlands to ancient river valleys, while supporting a community-driven vision for sustainable Namibian tourism. Witness the harmonious coexistence of culture, wildlife, and nature in this upcoming gem.