Biltongplaas: Taste of homemade delights down south


Taste of homemade delights down south

Text & Photographs Le Roux van Schalkwyk

From the Spring 2023 issue

Along the scenic B4 tar road between Keetmanshoop and Lüderitz, about 50 km east of Aus, lies an unassuming farm stall which has become a well-known landmark to everyone who regularly travels this road. Biltongplaas is owned and managed by the husband-and-wife team of Danie and Launette Loots. This small roadside business has become a must-do stopover for homemade produce and meat products.

The couple started Biltongplaas, situated on Danie’s family farm, around six years ago. They set up shop in what was formerly known as Kuibis Castle, an accommodation establishment. Using the existing structures, they revamped and transformed it into the quaint shop and tea garden that it is today.


From farm to table

At the core of Biltongplaas is a butchery that produces delicious biltong, droëwors and chilli bites. They also offer fresh meat and boerewors from the cattle and sheep on the farm, making it the perfect place to stock up on meat when on holiday in the area or to pre-order when touring Namibia.

As a commitment to the quality of their products, Launette says they constantly fine-tune their recipes because they want to become well-known for their meat products. “We want our products like biltong and chilli bites to stand out and have people talking about it. We want to become a place where people simply have to stop when travelling this way,” she says.

In addition to their renowned meat products, Biltongplaas boasts an impressive array of homemade goodies. Pickled veggies, jams and preserves are lovingly crafted from the fruit trees that grow on the farm. From guava and fig jam to pickled onions and curried cabbage, each jar tells a story of seeds sown, nurtured and harvested with care.

They have already made a name for themselves with some of their homemade products. “Our jaffles and ginger beer are firm favourites in the area. The main aim for us is to offer a quality product that our customers will enjoy,” says Launette.

For the hungry traveller, they produce freshly baked homemade pies, mouthwatering schnitzel burgers, as well as a selection of dried fruits, nuts and snacks. The tea garden offers a relaxing spot to enjoy a cappuccino alongside a slice of their delicious lemon meringue or chocolate cake.

For those captivated by the beauty of the region, Biltongplaas offers a cosy campsite with basic ablutions. Even though there is no electricity, the tranquil ambiance and the Loots’ hospitality create an experience that money can’t buy.

Whether in need of a coffee for the long road or some chilli bites to snack on, remember to stop at Biltongplaas next time you are in the area. 


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