Khaudum + Nyae Nyae


Published by Sikereti Camps and Safaris, Khaudum + Nyae Nyae
is available for N$695.00 (including VAT) at:

• Solitaire Press, 16-20 Brahman Street, Northern Industrial Area Tel 061 311-300 or 311-324,
• Book Den, c/o Hosea Kutako Avenue & Puccini Street, Windhoek,
• or for N$749.00 (including VAT) at Sikereti Camp, Khaudum National Park.

From the Summer 2023/24 issue

Khaudum National Park has justifiably been described as ‘Namibia’s last wilderness’ and ‘Namibia’s lost wilderness’. It is renowned for its large herds of elephants, packs of wild dogs and one of the largest populations of roan antelope in addition to various other species. Khaudum’s attraction is experiencing true wilderness rather than seeing which species can be ticked off next. The park has a bad reputation for the deep soft sand in the north.

Shunned even by intrepid travellers until recently because of the once-dilapidated facilities at Sikereti in the south, Khaudum has seen a steady increase in the number of visitors. Sikereti Camp has been completely revamped, and viewing platforms at most of the waterholes provide excellent game-viewing opportunities.

The publication of Khaudum + Nyae Nyae, the first comprehensive book on this fascinating area, comes at an opportune time. The 108-page hardcover book provides detailed information about the archaeology, early history and the proclamation of Khaudum National Park. The park’s landscape, flora, fauna, birdlife, reptiles and amphibians, as well as its management, are also covered. Useful information about getting around in Khaudum (which is renowned for its deep loose sand in the north), the Khaudum North Complex and the KAZA Transfrontier Conservation Area is included, too.

The book also features Nyae Nyae to the south of Khaudum as it is an integral part of the area – ethnologically and from a wildlife perspective. Highlighted aspects include the Ju/’hoansi, the Ju’hoansi traditional authority, the Nyae Nyae wetlands, Nyae Nyae’s monumental baobabs and the demise of the Grootboom and the Holboom, the well-known Dorslandboom, Tsumkwe and the Living Hunters’ Museum of the Ju/’hoansi north of Tsumkwe.

The text is enhanced by over 100 stunning full-colour photographs (sourced from several photographers) that capture the essence of Khaudum and Nyae Nyae. There are also several historical photographs taken by the Marshall family during their research into the Ju/’hoansi during the early 1950s. A Witwatersrand convoy arriving at Cho/ana (Soncana) to camp for the night and the tent of the first Bushman Commissioner, Claude McIntire, at Tsumkwe are among these photographs.

The book comes with a very handy Travel Advisory for planning a visit to Khaudum and Nyae Nyae. Information in this section includes climate, getting there, fuel and supplies, best times to visit, money matters, Khaudum ‘twee spoor tracks’, vehicle recovery, communications, accommodation and camp safety. Essential contact details are provided in the directory.

The handbook format makes it an ideal travelling companion and an indispensable guide for anyone visiting the area.

Khaudum + Nyae Nyae is written by well-known Namibian author Willie Olivier, who visited Khaudum for the first time in 1990 and has since returned on numerous occasions. He has written several hiking, 4×4 and travel books covering Namibia, South Africa, Mozambique and various parts of southern Africa. TNN


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