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As fresh as a newly-picked sprig – Wild Rocket, SWAKOPMUND
August 6, 2012
Facts on the place Names of Namibia
August 11, 2012
As fresh as a newly-picked sprig – Wild Rocket, SWAKOPMUND
August 6, 2012
Facts on the place Names of Namibia
August 11, 2012

The launch on Thursday of the StayToday last-minute accommodation booking website marked a landmark occasion for Namibian consumers.

The website, which offers great discounts at short notice, is the brainchild of Namibians Naude Muller and Chris Botha.

the elegant homestead staytoday

The Elegant Homestead

They describe themselves as Namibian e-commerce enthusiasts who have paired their familiarity with “…this vast country we call home and our intrigue with the possibilities that the Internet offers,” into a truly remarkable win-win situation for consumers and producers alike.

Often relegated to the back of the queue when it comes to top-notch getaways in Namibia, locals now have the opportunity to explore an amazing variety of high-quality establishments at affordable rates.

Namibians or anyone looking for a last-minute escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life are now just a click away from relishing the soothing beauty of the Namibian landscape.

Fortunately, the StayToday website is available to a wide range of people – locals as well as visitors – in fact, anyone who wants to get away today or tomorrow.

The website is also ideal for business travellers or visitors who decide to make last-minute changes to their travel itinerary.

So how does it work?


Guesthouse Terra Africa

Hotels and lodges have always had the problem of filling their empty rooms at the last minute, and now the StayToday website offers a tailor-made solution.

The website is a platform where accommodation establishments can sell these rooms at significant discounts. Whether you are web savvy or your fingers are still unsure when touching a keypad, the StayToday website is the fastest and easiest way to book accommodation online in real-time, and confirm your booking in less that two minutes! StayToday also features amazing tailor-made packages that you’ll find nowhere else.

According to the StayToday creators, Muller and Botha, “There are plenty of websites out there offering people the chance to make advance bookings.” They decided, however, to “…bring something fresh to the market.”

The duo realised that: “Tourism is Namibia’s fastest-growing industry, but we Namibians have not taken full advantage of all the opportunities presented by the Internet.”

They recognised that by creating a platform where establishments could sell their vacant rooms at discounted prices at the last minute, an entire new way of travelling in Namibia could begin.


Arebbusch Travel Lodge

StayToday is perfect for those who decide on the spur of the moment to escape the rat race, or to spoil a loved one.

Every day at noon, the website posts significantly discounted destination offers that are valid for a stay on the same day or the next and can be booked for a maximum of six nights.

The website offers ‘featured stays’ in addition to ‘short stays’. Once bought, featured stay packages can be redeemed any time during the period they are valid, for up to 12 months.

For many, the idea of booking online is still an unfamiliar, even scary, concept. This is why the StayToday team has made security one of their top priorities.

A close working relationship with Nedbank Namibia and Paygate ensures the online transactions are secure at all times.

Telephone bookings are also an option.

StayToday is a truly groundbreaking idea. The concept of ensuring that local establishments are fully booked while at the same time supplying local consumers with once-off bargains, is not echoed anywhere else on the continent.

StayToday has teamed up with Venture Publications, a pioneer in the promotion of Namibia locally and abroad for the past 20 years.

The reputable publishing house, which is known for a variety of tourism, and environmental magazines such as Travel News Namibia and the Namibia Holiday & Travel, is a strong supporter of global trends and has grabbed the opportunity to become part of the online community. In the next month, StayToday will become an official link to the brand-new TravelNews Namibia online website, to be launched in September.

So don’t hesitate. Go to and start your adventure of a lifetime.









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