Cgunta receives first skin transplants

Visitors flock to Omaruru Artist Trail
September 24, 2012
The final Chapter of Ben Beytell
September 25, 2012
Visitors flock to Omaruru Artist Trail
September 24, 2012
The final Chapter of Ben Beytell
September 25, 2012


5 October 2012


Cgunta Khao//khao

Cgunta Khao//khao recovering in hospital.

Today, the Naankuse fund announced that Cgunta’s doctors successfully completed  the first of several skin transplants at the Roman Catholic Hospital in Windhoek.

Doctor’s also said that his wound infections and inflammation are under control and he is now stable. 

Naankuse said that Marlice van Vuuren will visit Cgunta this weekend to see how he is getting on. Feedback is expected from her next week. 

Fund-raising efforts are doing well: The pot now stands at a total of N$543 542. Just of N$200 000 still needed to cover the costs of his healing. 

Don’t hesitate to join these efforts. Go here to help.


From last time:

Cgunta Khao/khao, the San man who sustained burns across 70 % of his body and lost three family members in a fire a month ago, remains optimistic and thankful for the help and support that has poured in.

In a video filmed by Naankuse staff, he said that despite the bad injuries and the loss of his friends,

“Now as I lie here I am very greatful for everyone who has helped me … in my heart I am very, very happy for everything”. 

He told Marlice Van Vuuren, founder of the Naankuse Foundation along with her husband Rudi, that “I didn’t think that people would help me when I was burned”.

But just the opposite has happened. By Monday, 24 September, a total of N$ 390 334 has been donated to the Naankuse fund, with the specific aim to cover all medical costs for Cgunta.

Last week, a daily newspaper broke the story of five brave San men who saved an Australian tourist’s life, when they surrounded her in a bush fire, taking the brunt of the horrific fire’s wrath.

Shortly thereafter, three of the men died.

Bertus, one of the men, sustained only light wounds, but Cgunta was seriously injured and facing death.

But then the Namibian community jumped to action.

For now, Cgunta has been transfrred to the Roman Catholic hosptial in Windhoek, where Dr Susan Kruger is looking after Cgunta.

According to Kruger, Cgunta ha ssevere infection in some of the wounds, but as soon as those subside, they can begin with skin grafts.


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