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Seasonal tips for travellers
March 17, 2016
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March 29, 2016
Seasonal tips for travellers
March 17, 2016
Life on a table recipe #193 – Mazambala’s Rum and Peach Sponge
March 29, 2016



Write us a story of your Ultimate Namibian Adventure (300-800 words)


Pick one or more of YOUR OWN photos to accompany the story


Email your story and photos to

Entries open on 29 March 2016 and the competition ends on 31 August 2016. If your story screams adventure it will be posted on our website as a blog post and will be available to view on the competition page throughout the competition. A panel of 5 judges will be chosen from Travel News Namibia’s regular writers, who will then choose the finalists. The Editor’s in Chief at Venture Publications will choose the winner. The winner will be announced shortly after the competition closing date.







CYMOT Ultimate Adventure – Kayaking the Orange River

After I crossed the Orange River on my mountain bike during a long distance cycling tour from Cape Town to Windhoek, I never forgot about this beautiful place where the desert meets the green riverbed of the Orange River. I knew I had to come back to go on a relaxing kayaking tour on the flat waters of the Orange River.

CYMOT Ultimate Adventure – Facing the wilderness alone

My ultimate adventure is getting off the couch and pushing myself beyond my comfort zone and challenge myself to do something quite frightening; but this doesn’t always have to involve dizzying heights or facing fierce animals. When the call of adventure beckons, it can be very much an inner journey of personal self-discovery as we face our fears (real or imagined) and test ourselves not just physically, but also emotionally.

CYMOT Ultimate Adventure – Vulture ringing in the desert

Have you ever thought of spending your holiday in the scorching Namib Desert? Being attacked by midges under lone Camelthorn trees that provide the only shade in the vast desert, having an unexpected rain shower in a very dry area, as well as enjoying the company of others who had the same idea for their holiday is what I experienced!

CYMOT Ultimate Adventure – Unimog adventure into the Fish River

In an attempt to convince me he sweetened the deal, adding: “Oh and while you are here we will take a 1980 model U1100-416 6×2×2×3 Mercedes Benz Unimog truck into the Fish River Canyon and down Donkerkloof Gorge!” Suddenly, what seemed a very mundane and ordinary trip turned into an amazing adventure. An ultimate Namibian adventure.

CYMOT Ultimate Adventure – Finding Donkerkloof

One day I heard about a place called Donkerkloof – a magical place that is a gateway to a very exclusive part of the Fish River Canyon. When I say exclusive it may be the wrong word, it is just that few have ever been there due to the hassle of getting there. This is a part of the canyon north of where the Ai-Ais trail enters, therefore, the area remains mostly untouched.

CYMOT Ultimate Adventure – Crayfish diving at Lüderitz

I still remember it like it was yesterday. My family decided over a braai that we were going on a spontaneous crayfish-adventure to Lüderitz for Easter vacation. We had two weeks to plan our trip. Luckily we were able to find accommodation on such short notice at Obelix Village Guest House. Most places in Lüderitz are fully booked at that time of the year with Lüderitz Crayfish Festival and Easter holiday falling on the same weekend.

CYMOT Ultimate Adventure – Exploring Mahango Game Park

Waking up to the deep grunt of a Hippo no further than 20 meters away from where we had set up camp along the banks of the Okavango River is a feeling only true Namibian adventurers will have experienced.

CYMOT Ultimate Adventure – Tiger fishing in northern Namibia

In 2015, my husband and I went on a fishing trip to the Zambezi Region and stayed at Island View lodge. Initially, I was rather reluctant to go as I knew the sum total of my fishing holiday would probably involve me working on my tan and reading a book at the camp.

CYMOT Ultimate Adventure – A 2070 km cycle to Windhoek

I woke up suddenly, startled by something outside our tent…then it dawned on me, in our scurry to get out of a rare Kalahari rainstorm we secured our bicycles under a sail and had left our rubbish bag outside the entrance of our tent. It was now a tasty treat for some or other scavenger. So how did we end up here; two law students, two bicycles and hundreds of kilometers from our final destination, Windhoek Namibia?


A sensory feast in the lap of isolation on the Skeleton Coast

Shipwreck Lodge: A Journey Through the Untouched Beauty of Namibia’s Skeleton Coast | Witness Rare Wildlife Encounters, Stunning Landscapes, and Cozy Cabin Retreats

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A CYMOT gift card to the value of N$10 000

The CYMOT Ultimate Adventure Campaign Terms & Conditions

All entrants, by entering this promotional competition, acknowledge that they have read these terms and conditions and agree to be bound by them.
All stories must be submitted within the competition dates.
A panel of judges will be appointed to critique entries. This panel will be chosen from a selection of regular content contributors to Venture Publications
All entries will be submitted to our panel of judges, who will deliberate and choose a group of 5 finalist stories
The overall winner will be selected from the group of finalists by the Managing Editors of Venture Publications and the Managing Directors of CYMOT, and will be announced at the 2016 Namibia Tourism Expo in May
Entries which comply with the regulations and thread of the competition guidelines will be posted as featured stories on the Travel News Namibia website ( and linked to the competition page
The competition page, along with posted entries, will be shared on the Travel News Namibia Facebook page and other social media platforms each week.
Entrants are encouraged to share their stories on social media to gain traction and support the competition
When supporting the competition on social media platforms be sure to tag Travel News Namibia and CYMOT in posts and use the hashtags: #thisismynamibia #cymotadventure
All content submitted, including but not limited to stories and photographs, must be the sole property of the entrant and must be true and factual
If an entry (story) is believed to have been fabricated or if photographs are found or believed to not be the work of the entrant, the entry will be disqualified
Disqualification of an entry is at the sole discretion of the competition managers at Venture Publications and no deliberations, arguments or correspondence on the validity of the disqualification will be tolerated
Content submitted must reflect a Namibian adventure, and not that experienced in another country. Take note that entries should depict true adventures and not activities, eg: camping is not an adventure.
There is no limit to the amount of entries per individual
Note that stories entered should not be shorter than 300 words and should not exceed 800 words. The amount of accompanying photographs do not have a limit, but be selective in your choices and only send in the best and most descriptive
For security purposes, entrants submitting stories or photos of rhino are asked not to specify the exact location where the animal was encountered.
Only the individual who submitted the entry, story and photographs, is eligible for the prize.
Entries must not depict or encourage a violation of any law or regulation or violate any law or regulations and must not shine a negative light on Namibia.
Entries may not be obscene, indecent, illegal, vulgar or objectionable.
By entering this contest, entrants give Venture Publications and CYMOT the right to and usage rights of their photos and other content, granting Venture Publications and CYMOT permission to use the content on its website, in print, in social media postings and in other marketing material.
Entries that do not comply with these terms and conditions will not be valid.

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