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November 28, 2012
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November 28, 2012
A Himba funeral – tradition and development
November 28, 2012
Celebrating Spitzkoppe
November 28, 2012

By Marita van Rooyen

At Fishmonger’s you smell the sea. The fresh, salty air you would inhale while taking a stroll on a beach greets you as you enter the freshest fish eatery and market in Namibia.

Marco and Tommy

Co-owner Marco Eck advises: “If it smells fishy, it’s not fresh.” And rest assured; it’s never fishy at Fishmonger’s. Only salty and sea-breezy and full of the freshest aroma of sea creatures.

A large, live tank displays the latest varieties of edible sea life. Boggle-eyed king crabs from the coast off Henties Bay glare at you from behind the glass, accompanied by a selection of giant oysters from Lüderitz.

When rock lobster is in season, the crabs have some playmates and the menu has more variety. Mussels also grace the space from time to time.

But it’s actually the sushi that draws fanatics from as early as nine in the morning.

Marco and his partner, Tommy Kellner, host regular bottomless sushi events, usually after having woken up with that ‘screw it, let’s do it’ feeling some days before. At times like these, seating has to be booked in advance because Windhoek’s sushi lovers usually come streaming in en masse.

The signature Lava Roll – futo maki with crispy salmon skin, salmon, orange fillets, red pepper, chives, home-made Japanese-style mayo, home-made chilli sauce, and some secrets – is a popular choice, with the Gravad Roll taking a close second.

fishmongersThe idea of Fishmonger’s originated from Marco and Tommy’s wholesale seafood business, SeaSource. “We are the sole provider of Norwegian salmon to all major restaurants in Namibia, and because our seafood is so fresh and exclusive, we’ve had private customers ask if we couldn’t supply them as well. Thus Fishmonger’s was born.”

Fresh fish from South Africa and Walvis Bay are on show and for sale, with yellow-fin tuna from Indonesian waters.

The self-cured Gravad Lax (salmon matured in salt, pepper, sugar and dill) is another favourite, and tastes ‘awesome on a fresh brötchen or croissant’. A wide selection of good wines complements the delectable fish offerings.


Take-your-fish-away is an option, while already packaged pickled fish, pestos and seafood salads can also be enjoyed in the comfort of your own kitchen. A well-stocked sushi cabinet also makes for rewarding shopping.

So go to Fishmonger’s for your favourite fish foods!


Fishmonger’s is situated on the same property as its wholesalers, SeaSource, in Adler Street, Windhoek West. It hosts a deli/factory shop/outlet where you can buy your fresh seafood, with friendly faces behind every counter and live king crabs glaring at you from a live tank.

Open Mondays to Fridays from 09:00 to 18:00, and on Saturdays from 09:00 until 14:00. Closed on Sundays.

+264 (0)61 30 4583


Marco recommends the Crispy Salmon Steak, served with Tommy’s famous potato salad. A perfectly grilled 180-gram piece of fresh salmon, it is spiced to your liking with olive oil, salt and pepper. Wolf it down with a Bloody Mary Oyster Shooter, if you dare!

This story was originally published in the Flamingo September 2012 print magazine edition. 


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