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Conservancy safari tourism – Make your footprint count
September 3, 2012
Hotel Schweizerhaus & Café Anton Swakopmund
September 3, 2012
Conservancy safari tourism – Make your footprint count
September 3, 2012
Hotel Schweizerhaus & Café Anton Swakopmund
September 3, 2012

by Marita van Rooyen

There’s just something about a thatched-roof chalet that makes you want to move closer to it and breathe in the freshness. You come to realise that this is the closest you’ll get to sleeping under the stars with an actual roof over your head. Combine this feeling with authentic Oshiwambo culture and luxury cocktails next to the swimming pool, and you’ll find yourself at Frans Indongo Lodge.

Doctor Frans Aupa Indongo, renowned for his highly successful business initiatives, is no stranger to the industry. Frans Indongo Lodge is the latest addition to his investments, which provide employment for more than 1 400 people in Namibia. The lodge, nestled in thorn-bush savannah, has a unique style that starts with fences made from tree trunks, typical wooden figures, clay pots and oshigadhi (large woven baskets used to store mahangu), and ends with the friendly and impeccable services of his employees.

frans indongo lodge bedroom

The lodge has eight chalets, two family rooms and two recently expanded double rooms. The en-suite rooms are spacious and equipped with television, fridge, tea- and coffee-making facilities, telephone and hairdryer. All rooms have a small terrace from where the fresh, clean smell of African savannah grasslands and the expansive green grass lawns can be enjoyed.


Plenty to see and do

The area is especially beautiful after the rainy season, as fields of green are brightened by bursts of pink, purple, yellow and white flowers. The surroundings are littered with large termite mounds that greet you like a hundred statues of Lot’s wife.

Tour guide Amos Frederik, who comes all the way from Aus in Namibia’s deep south, explains that termites usually dig to about 20 metres under the surface of the ground to reach water and then push the red sand up to the base of the nest. Termites nest in or around trees and can destroy an unsuspecting camel-thorn in next to no time. Impressively, the queen lays up to 2 000 eggs per day.

frans indongo lodge restaurant

From the wooden game-viewing deck, while enjoying a clay cup of lemonade and fresh mint, you will see a large variety of antelope against the backdrop of the Waterberg Plateau. Animals to look out for while on a game drive are white and black rhino, zebra, gemsbok, kudu, eland, giraffe, hartebeest, blue wildebeest, impala, common duiker and warthog where they wander around among the acacia and swarthaak trees.

frans indongo lodge lounge

Apart from offering hiking through the savannah plains, other activities in the area can also be organised. Day trips to the crocodile farm in Otjiwarongo; a visit to Dani’s kitchen, one of the few cheese-making factories in Namibia; or taking a tour to the Cheetah Conservation Fund, about an hour’s drive from the lodge, are all popular options.

The lodge also has a number of campsites that offer perfect sundowner views, have their own braai facilities, running water and ablution blocks, and even come with complimentary candles. Frans Indongo Lodge is about 43 kilometres north-east of Otjiwarongo.

This article appeared in the June/July ‘10 edition of Travel News Namibia.

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