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September 22, 2015
Life on a table – Antoinette’s new book
October 6, 2015
O&L Leisure
September 22, 2015
Life on a table – Antoinette’s new book
October 6, 2015
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Photography competition



Pick a category…or 4


Take a Naturally Namibian photo that fits the category


Post your photo to social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram


Tag your pic with:

Naturally Namibia on Facebook

@naturally_namib on Twitter

@naturallynamibia on Instagram

 #getnatural #naturallynamibia #get[category]

Each week from August to October 2018 one finalist will be chosen. The final winners will be selected out of these finalists by a panel of judges from Travel News Namibia and the Naturally Namibia family.

The more NATURAL your entry, the better your chances… so get creative!


Photo competition


Strap on that extra long lens and capture Namibia’s most wonderful asset… our wildlife. From lions roaring in Etosha to the strong and stately desert-adapted elephants of Damaraland… search for that perfect pic on the wild side.

Photo competition



Namibia is home to 13 different ethnic cultures, each with their own amazing traditions and lifestyles. From the Himba women with their ochre covered skin to the San and their spectacular survival skills, capture those natural roots.

Photo competition



Home to the most amazing landscapes on earth, Namibia is every photographer’s dream! Dramatic sunsets, jaw-dropping scenery and colours and textures that will leave you stunned, every angle of this country is unmistakably beautiful…

Photo competition



And then for the off-kilter, shutter-clicker, the artist, the rebel. The truth-seeker and the fun-finder. Share the pic that shows best how you see Namibia… albeit from a very unconventional eye. Show your creativity and the wonder hidden beyond.


1st prize:

The first prize is a 7-day complimentary stay for two people sharing at four Naturally Namibia destinations.

2nd Prize:

The runner-up prize is a 5-night complimentary stay for two people sharing at three Naturally Namibia properties.

Get Natural Campaign Terms & Conditions

All entrants, by entering this promotional competition, acknowledge that they have read these terms and conditions and agree to be bound by them. Images must be posted within the competition dates.
Each week one entry will be selected within each of the 4 categories (see above) and entered into the pool of finalists. These finalists will be shared onto Travel News Namibia’s social media platforms each week.
A panel of judges from Travel News Namibia and Naturally Namibia will judge all entries and select each week’s shortlist of finalists. Judges’ decisions are final.
Please note that winners do not depend on the number of “likes” on social media. We have an independent panel of judges who choose the winners.
Entries posted on social media (either Facebook, Instagram or Twitter) must:
– Tag or link to Naturally Namibia: Facebook:  |  Instagram: @naturallynamibia  |  Twitter: @naturally_namib
– Use the hashtags: #getnatural AND #naturallynamibia
– Tag the photo into a specific competition category; i.e.: #getwild, #getcultural, #getbeautiful, OR #getcreative. Each entry can be submitted to only one category.
Photos must have been taken while travelling in Namibia. The more the entry reflects the NATURAL aspects of Namibia, the greater the chances of winning.
For security purposes, entrants submitting photos or videos of rhino are asked not to specify the location where the image or footage was taken.
The prize winner must be 18 years or older and must be in possession of a valid passport.
Photos must be original and entrants are not permitted to significantly alter their images using photo editing software.
Entrants must be able and willing to supply a high-resolution version of their photo on request by Travel News Namibia or Naturally Namibia.
The photos and videos entered must be the sole work of the entrant.
Only the individual who submitted the photo is eligible for the prize.
Entries must not depict or encourage a violation of any law or regulation or violate any law or regulations and must not shine a negative light on Namibia.
Entries may not be obscene, indecent, illegal, vulgar or objectionable.
By entering this contest, entrants give Travel News Namibia and Naturally Namibia the right to and usage rights of their photos and videos, granting Travel News Namibia and Naturally Namibia permission to use the photo or video on its website, in print, in social media postings, and in other marketing material.
Entries that do not comply with these terms and conditions will not be valid.

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