Ministry of Environment and Tourism: Namibia Budget 2014

Ministry of Environment and Tourism: Looking back on 2013
March 27, 2014
Etosha Magic – Green, Wet and Amazing
March 31, 2014
Ministry of Environment and Tourism: Looking back on 2013
March 27, 2014
Etosha Magic – Green, Wet and Amazing
March 31, 2014
Main photograph: Wildebeest on Etosha Pan. Photo ©Hu Berry

Budgetary Allocations for the current financial year 2014/2015 as per Minister Uahekua Herunga during his Budget Speech this week:

  • N$601 868 for the operational budget
  • N$123 5000 for the development budget

The MET budget in the Medium Term Plan consists of six programmes and the following major activities are to be undertaken:

Programme 1: Wildlife and protected area management

  • N$241 786 000

The funds under this programme will be used for the implementation of biodiversity management and operations of conservation areas and national parks, support to CBNRM and direct assistance to conservancies and human wildlife conflict management.

Programme 2: Protection and management of key species and natural habitat

  • N$ 49 758 000

The purpose of this programme is to improve our efficiency and capacity in protecting and managing key species and natural resources. The programme will also increase access to the wildlife industry by previously disadvantaged Namibians.

Programme 3: Tourism Development and Gaming

  • N$104 907 000

This programme will facilitate the promotion and marketing of destination Namibia and reglating the tourism industry, through the Namibia Tourism Board (NTB). This programme also provides support to Namibia Wildlife Resorts (NWR) to enhance service provision and infrastructure development, tourism awareness and community based tourism lodges. Investment in this sector is critical for sustained economic growth and employment creation.

Programme 4: Environmental Management and Regulation

  • N$52 115 000

The purpose of this programme is to ensure sustainable development by avoiding environmental degradation and the non-sustainable use of our resources.  The main activities are: Environmental assessments, pollution control and waste management, sustainable management of the coastal environment, biodiversity conservation, integrated sustainable land management and climate change adaptation and mitigation.

Programme 5: Planning, Coordination, Infrastructure development, Maintanance, Monitoring and Evaluation

  • N$146 178 000

To ensure planning and implementation of development projects and maintenance of infrastructure. It is also responsible for the policy planning and coordination of Development cooperation and international programmes.

Programme 6: Administration, coordination and investments

  • N$130 624 000

To provide support to the holistic administrative issues of the Ministry. It includes activities such as Financial Management, Internal Audits, Human Resource Management, Business Process Reengineering, Information and Technology, Asset Management and General Support.




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