Moon Landscape: Cake on the Moon

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November 15, 2018
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November 27, 2018
5 Movies and TV shows you didn’t know were filmed in Namibia
November 15, 2018
Lion Conservation and Sustainable Use
November 27, 2018
Words & photographs: Annelien Robberts

Whatever you do when going to the moon, save room for cake – particularly the lemon meringue. (She said, as if these are activities are the most normal thing to do.) Situated only 30 km from Swakopmund, the rocky and undulating Moon Landscape makes for a perfect outing. Either spend the day here or pack your camping gear and wake up the following morning to the most beautiful sunrise views. If you have other coastal activities planned, and only have half a day at your disposal, it is still well worth the trip. Continue reading to find out more, as I ladle out all my travel tips for a trip to the Moon.

Prepare for the ultimate moon landing

  • Make sure you get a permit from the MET offices in Windhoek or Swakopmund. (Also remember to get your permit for the Welwitschia Nature Drive if you would like to continue onto the same route to the welwitschia plains.)
  • Pack a picnic basket if you’re going for the day.
  • Pack your camping gear if you want to sleep on the moon.
  • Take some cash for a cold beer.
  • Save some space for the most delicious lemon meringue in the country at Goanikontes Oasis.
  • Charge your camera batteries!

A geological wonder

Imagine a mood board of charcoals, browns, beiges, creamy caramels and orange. This is not your cousin’s wedding colour scheme, but it would’ve been impressive. These colours and their multiple shades make up the crests of the Moon Landscape’s mountainous area. Millions of years ago the course of the Swakop River has turned what once was one huge granite plain, at least one kilometre higher back then, into carved canyons and gullies. This has become known as the Moon Landscape, as it is said to resemble the moon. Upon telling a city slicker that I was going to visit this area, she asked, “But isn’t it grey, flat and boring?” All I can say is, forget everything you think you know about the moon and prepare to be wowed.

Photography tip

Capture the beauty of the area from several angles at all the different viewpoints. The best time for pictures in this harsh landscape is at sunrise and again in the late afternoon.

Goanikontes Oasis

Goanikontes is an example of an Earth-landing on the moon. This tranquil retreat offers guests some much-needed oxygen and is perfect for stargazing when the fog of the coast clogs the skies.

The owners, René and Charl Baard, explain that they only took over the business at the end of April 2018. There are campsites available, as well as chalets for those who prefer their comfort.

It is highly recommended to swing by the restaurant. Personally, I strongly recommend the mouth-watering lemon meringue… in case you haven’t deducted that from the title of my story. True homemade goodness – just like everything else they serve with spoonfuls of love. “The kitchen is the heart of our business. If our customers leave with happy taste buds, we are sure they will come back for more.”

Moon poetry

The moon awakens something in every one of us. Be it our inner poet, adventurer, scientist, romanticist, or songwriter. This landscape proves to do exactly the same.

Namibia, with its searing sun and roaring winds, has composed a world-famous mise en scène of its own. Film producers as far and famous as Hollywood have fallen in love with the Moon Landscape. It has unsurprisingly become a favourite with the film industry over recent years. Think ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ featuring South African Charlize Theron.

Not only do they make movies on the moon; a picnic on the moon is now also feasible.

A well-known and all-time favourite love song amongst Afrikaans-speaking people is Piekniek op die Maan (Picnic on the moon) by Zinkplaat. Roughly translated, it means “the clouds are our blanket | we are having a picnic on the moon | the evening star is our candle | we are having a picnic on the moon.”

wolke is ons kombersie
ons piekniek op die maan.
die aandster is ons kersie
ons hou piekniek op die maan

How to get there

On the B2 from Swakopmund, turn right onto the C28 and then left onto the D1991. It is located in the Namib-Naukluft National Park. There are no gates. Simply follow the gravel road that will lead you straight to the viewpoints. You cannot miss it. Follow the signs to get to Goanikontes Oasis.



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