Hoada Campsite – Damaraland

Etosha National Park – Halali Rest Camp
August 28, 2012
Namibia, Walvis Bay – Kleines Nest
August 28, 2012
Etosha National Park – Halali Rest Camp
August 28, 2012
Namibia, Walvis Bay – Kleines Nest
August 28, 2012

A magic boulder retreat

by Ron Swilling 

There are a few campsites where magic resides as a combination of natural beauty and the insight of the people who constructed it. Here at Hoada (pronounced ‘Waada’) and meaning ‘everybody’ or ‘all of us’ in Damara-Nama, the three exclusive campsites are enchanting.

hoada damaraland camping

The shower and toilet of each campsite are hidden between and behind boulders, with extra walls built, when necessary, using natural rock and lapa areas creatively constructed with sapling roofs. Mopane trees peep over grey granite boulders, creating a secret hide-away effect.

Situated on the C40 Grootberg Pass between the Palmwag area and Kamanjab, the campsite is a rare jewel.

It is easily accessible once in the well-travelled north west en route to the north or Etosha from Twyfelfontein, or returning south. It is certainly a much better option than the busier campsites.

Peace and privacy

It is difficult to believe your luck when you find gems scattered across your path, and this campsite is one of those rare finds.

A beautiful, well-constructed site lets your imagination run amok and gives you the feeling of finding a magical retreat. Each of the sites is well positioned amongst the granite boulders and has its own ablution facilities, lapa, barbecue area and tap, with hot water provided by a ‘donkey’ wood-burner. Your Flintstone home holds extreme beauty and creativity.

The shower heads peep out of gnarled tree trunks and the lapa pillar posts are constructed out of the same characteristic trunks. The campsite is situated in and as part of the #Khoadi //Hoas Conservancy. The profits from the camp go to the conservancy and are then channelled into the community. #Khoadi //Hoas, meaning ‘elephant corner’, refers to the desert-adapted elephant of Namibia that roam the Grootberg area.

hoada 2

Hoada is easily accessible, positioned just off the main road approximately 70 km from Kamanjab and 45 km from the C43 Palmwag and C40 junction. Grootberg Pass is a beautiful geode of a drive, with the landscape opening onto yellow and green grassy peaks. ‘Beware of elephant’ signs remind you that you are in desert elephant territory. The unfenced land surrounds you with its rare open beauty. Springbok scatter to the sides of the roads as you pass.

With private passageways and secret nooks in the granite boulders, Hoada Campsite is a camping treat. Surrounded by yellow grass and mopane trees, boulders and birdsong, the construction of the campsite makes you feel that you are camping in style, while the peace and privacy of the well-maintained site make the experience pleasurable and memorable.

Hoada is a place to be remembered and revisited.

cymot cymotThis article was made possible by Cymot Namibia  

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This article appeared in the Dec ‘09/Jan ‘10 edition of Travel News Namibia.
All photos courtesy of Journeys Namibia. 

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