Namibian Chamber of Environment established

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April 8, 2016

Compiled Sanet van Zijl

An umbrella organisation has been founded in aid of nature conservation in Namibia. The institution is an independent and democratic organisation that will support the goals of the Ministry of Environment and Tourism completely.

The official launch of the Namibian Chamber of Environment (NCE) took place yesterday in the capital. The NCE was established as an umbrella organisation for all environmental organisations by the corporate manager of B2Gold Namibia, Mr Charles Loots; Miss Frauke Kreitz of the Namibian Environment and Wildlife Society (News) and environmental consultant Dr Chris Brown.

The association provides a forum and mouthpiece for the broader environment sector that can lobby with government and other parties, that can raise funds for its members and that can represent the sector. – NCE

With the looming crisis of rhino poaching in Namibia the whole world is up in arms about the situation, but not many are doing their part to help the cause. A substantial amount of money still needs to be raised  in order to save these animals from extinction. Humans have caused the extinction of 322 different animals in the past 500 years and we are on the brink of causing the 6th mass extinction. This is where NCE comes in, as it aims to become a financial resource center, sponsored by industry.

The managing director of B2Gold Namibia, Mr Mark Dawe, announced that his company is donating N$1 million to the NCE.

B2Gold produces 400 kg of gold per month from ore that contains 1,5 grams of gold per tonne of ore. Five tonnes of waste needs to be mined to get one tonne of ore. In six tonnes you will get 1,5 grams of ore. This means that out of every 100 tonne truck you will get 25 grams of gold or about U$1000 per truck. The important part is what happens to that U$1000. B2Gold is an outstanding example of a company that not only takes from the earth but puts something back in again afterwards. Statistics show that 73% of tourists visit Namibia for its nature and their money contributes to 14,2% of the country’s economic growth, making environmental conservation vital.

Namibia has many epic nature conservationists and environmental experts and they are now a part of the council of the new Namibian Chamber of Environment. They will decide which projects will receive funding in Namibia. The target is going to be sections of the corporate sector which have not regularly been great benefactors to the environmental sector.


  • Conservation of the natural environment
  • Promotion of the best environmental practices and environmental rehabilitation
  • Protection of indigenous biodiversity and protected species
  • Development of skills and ability and
  • Mentorship to young Namibians
  • Prevention of environmental degradation and pollution
  • Protection of the atmosphere

For more information on NCE visit the website:

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