Namibian literature heavy-weight Frederick Philander new book on the rack

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Namibia hosting final dinner at Adventure Travel Summit tonight
October 11, 2012
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October 15, 2012
frederick philander

Frederick Philander at the book launch.

By Richard Swartz

WINDHOEK, 12 October 2012:

At the launch of Frederick (Freddie) Philander’s latest book offering, the prolific writer, playwright, journalist, lecturer and general art enthusiast was described as one of Namibia’s literature giants by English Professor Jairos Kangira.

Moreover, UNAM has committed to buy copies of the book which will be used in serveral English literature disciplines in future.

Kangira, head of the English department at the University of Namibia (UNAM) paid a glowing tribute to the scribe, who has just released ‘Prejudice’.

The book consists of a collection of short and long stories, which are based on notes and personal diary entries made by the writer over a span of 40 years.

Philander, a born and bred South African, says that the works in his collection are based on three South African stories, and three Namibian stories. He has weaved his personal experiences and observations into the stories, which deal with socio-economic and political issues.

Professor Kangira described Prejudice as a gripping and intriguing read. He said that it is a genuine attempt to display the socio-economic and political issues effecting humanity in general, and particularly the specific influences of the past 40 years on people’s lives in South Africa and Namibia.

Themes in the book, which accurately link to the title of the work, include and expounds on various issues such as bias, preconceived ideas, preconception, bigotry, discrimination, partiality, intolerance, unfairness and inequality.

English Professor Jairos Kangira

UNAM Professor Jairos Kangira

“Since the six stories in the book are autobiographical we can say the author presents an authentic assessment of the two societies he has lived in, namely the South African and Namibian societies. The socioeconomic, cultural and political issues contained in the short stories cut across political boundaries. However, these six enthralling stories have all the literary ingredients that qualify the book for selection as a set work at secondary schools and  tertiary level,” he said.

True to his word, Kangira promptly ordered ten copies for the use in the UNAM English Department for one two, three and fourth year students.

The book will give students a chance to identify and evaluate such literature compounds such as imagery, metaphor, symbolism, irony, sarcasm, humor, camaraderie, hyperbole, satire and antithesis.

“These are some of the literary devices we expect students at university levels to be able to analyse and evaluate in a scholarly way.

Kangira said the fact that the book will be used in his department is to show UNAM’s “support for local literature talent and books adhering to the standards we require for literature studies”.

Prejudice can be bought for N$300 per copy from the author by calling: 0817172406.

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