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June 20, 2017
Photo feature – Tarry Butcher
June 21, 2017
June 20, 2017
Photo feature – Tarry Butcher
June 21, 2017

Hiking in the Kalahari

Trans Kalahari Walk

Experience the variety and beauty of the savannah. With an overnight stay in the desert camp.

The guided hiking safari with two overnight stays for one to four persons. After arrival and the first night at the Kalahari Red Dunes Lodge, the hike begins early in the morning. You will walk through the red dunes and the tree savannah of the Kalahari for several hours until you reach the shady terrace of the dunes camp, located on a red sand dune. Enjoy dinner at the evening campfire and spend the night in an exclusively equipped tent. The next day, the hike leads back to the lodge, through grass and bush savannah, where you have a good chance of spotting African animals in their natural environment.



Active in the Namib

Namib Mountain Trail

Guided walk from lodge to lodge, lasting several hours.

Early in the morning, the hike starts at the Desert Homestead Lodge. The path follows a gorge to a pass over the nearest mountain, where you are invited to enjoy breakfast while having a phenomenal view to the Sossusvlei dunes in the red light of the morning sun. Around lunch time the trail finishes at the Desert Homestead Outpost, where you are warmly welcomed with cool drinks. Relax by the pool on the spectacular view deck and unwind after a day of sightseeing.



Only a 30 kilometer drive to the entrance of the national park, the lodges are ideal starting points for trips to the world famous Sossusvlei.


Be active in the Sossusvlei region

Horse safari – an outstanding experience

Riding in the Namib and staying overnight under the starry sky surrounded by unspoiled nature.

Guided tours start daily in the early morning hours and in the evening. For a more intensive experience you have the opportunity to participate in one of the two-day horse safaris. These are offered for advanced riders as well as for beginners. Overnight, you will stay in a romantic tent camp overlooking the dunes of Sossusvlei. During these rides, you will enjoy the stunning nature of the Namib Desert in a unique way.



Traveling in Erongo/ Damaraland

Absolute Erongo – the adventure

From the comfortable lodge to the romantic night in the wilderness.

Absolute Erongo is an authentic combination of an encounter with the “Small Miners” and an insight into the wilderness of the Erongo Mountains. After arriving at the Hohenstein Lodge, you start the activity with a visit to the mineral miners at Hohenstein. Accompanied by a guide you hike through the spectacular boulder forest until you reach the base camp of the miners at the mountain. The next day, you drive through the Erongo Mountains to the Etemba Farm on one of the most beautiful roads in Namibia, walk in a rocky landscape and visit the rock paintings of the Bushmen. The rock paintings belong to the national monuments of Namibia.



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