Photography Feature: Evan Naude


Standing alone in the desert with only a camera is humbling and introspective.

Evan Naudé is a travel journalist and photographer from Cape Town. Over the last decade he has travelled extensively in southern Africa in search of stories to tell, interesting events to witness and beautiful landscapes and unique people to capture. He has spent more time visiting Namibia than any other of his neighbouring countries, usually once a year but often multiple times. “South Africans definitely have a love affair with Namibia. It was something I didn’t understand until I first visited the country,” he says.


That first visit was an unforgettable experience. “I got picked up from the airport in Windhoek and drove straight to Kaokoland for a two-week overland trip. We only skipped through urban areas, so my experience of Namibia was the vast unspoiled, sublime wilderness of Kaokoland. I was blown away by the beauty and instantly became hooked on this place!”


Evan’s favourite photographic destinations in Namibia are the country’s most inhospitable locations. “Not only are the landscapes incredible in places like the Namib Desert, the Skeleton Coast, Damaraland and Hartmann’s Valley, but you are also reminded of your own humanity. You absolutely cannot survive in these wildernesses and that’s what makes it so special to photograph them. My photographs from these places are not just images, but intimate memories that bring back the senses, feelings and even thoughts I experienced in those environments. Standing alone in the desert with only a camera is humbling and introspective. A rare privilege.”


Evan is the owner and tour leader of Black Jackal, a travel company that creates tailor-made itineraries and experiences. He also regularly guides photographic tours. Contact him at evan@blackjackaltravel or follow his adventures on Instagram at @evannaude


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