The 4 Best Hiking Trails for Amateurs in Namibia

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August 20, 2018
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Vast, barren landscapes in the Hoanib Valley

Charene Labuschagne

The land of wide open spaces didn’t earn this name for nothing. Large expanses of diverse landscapes is the key characteristic of Namibia. Since not everyone is an experienced hiker with plenty of time to spend trekking the bushveld, we’ve compiled a list of the 4 best amateur hiking trails. Because the best way to become one with nature is by submerging yourself in her rugged, unfiltered, yet Instagram-worthy scenes.

Rostock Ritz

If you’re looking to explore the barren desert landscape of Namibia, Rostock Ritz offers hiking trails accommodating all levels of expertise and time constraints. For the passerby, 2 to 3-hour trails offer easily accessible lookout points and views of the lowlands. Moderate trails include the Ramblers’, Ubib and Panorama Trails ranging between 8.5 and 10 km and feature interesting views of the ‘shipwreck’ (a package of tilted schist that looks like a sinking ship), the Witberge and a stunning panorama of the Rostock farm area. For the more daring traveller, a selection of 14.5 km trails take you through a plethora of ana trees, a borderline of bedrocks, and the spectacular Bushmen paintings. Trails are distinctively marked and thoroughly described in the hiking guide.

Desert horse hiking trails

Klein-Aus Vista is renowned for being home to the majority of wild horses of the Namib. The best way to not only spot them, but to experience their landscape first hand, is by roaming (or hiking) amongst them. Three easy trails ranging between 1 to 3 hours include the Sunset Walk, Schutztruppe Trail and Mountain Trail. More experienced hikers may take on the Geister and Eagle trails, lasting 4 and 5 hours respectively.

Namib Naukluft


Lush vegetation on Porcupine Highway, Sven Eric Kanzler

Self-guided tours ranging from 4 to 8 hours in the scenic and lush mountain range in the easternmost part of the Namib-Naukluft National Park promise great adventure and views. Opting for the 10 km Olive Trail gives you plenty of time to capture your surroundings on camera, while the 17 km and slightly more challenging Waterkluft Trail offers spectacular clear waterfalls and pools, provided the rainy season did it justice. Stick to the trail markings where visible (the sun does tend to scorch them into faint painted footprints) and if all else fails, use the meandering tributary as your guide.


The Waterberg Plateau in North Central Namibia is best known as the prominent mountain resembling a tabletop that rises from the surrounding plains of the Kalahari. Two clear hiking trails have been set out by Namibia Wildlife Resorts, one of which is guided by an experienced park ranger and the other self-guided. The self-guided trail lasts 4 days and is 45 km long leading through the base of the plateau where plenty of wildlife may be spotted, including the illusive sable and occasional carnivore. The guided hike is a mere 5 km longer, yet consists of only 3 days walking. Spectacular rock formations and indigenous vegetation and wildlife make this hike authentic and rustically Namibian. The trails are equipped with basic shelters and ablution facilities, but fires are prohibited, therefore hikers are expected to be self-sufficient.


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