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The origin of the saying “spring is in the air” is widely unknown. Some debate it links back to a line from a poem by Alfred Lord Tennyson: “In the Spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love.” Paraphrase that and we get “love is in the air”. Others reason that the blossoming of fresh flora is literally in the spring air, marking the onset of allergy season. Either way, spring is sensational and truly tangible on our Namibian coastline. Mornings and evenings are still crisp as the last whiff of winter dissipates, but midday is perfectly balmy. 

Odds are you will find yourself in a vehicle, on your way to Shipwreck Lodge in the Skeleton Coast National Park, or cruising between Swakopmund and Walvis Bay for a dunes or catamaran adventure. The Atlantic Ocean ebbs and flows restlessly on one side of the compact salt road, and on the other side is a desert landscape stretching into eternity.

Imagine for a moment you are 18 years old. You just finished high school and are taking your very first car on a celebratory trip with your close friends, in search of sunshine and sweet cocktails by the seaside. The music that blasts through the car speakers tells fables of new beginnings, of shaking off the dead leaves and growing new hopeful ones. This playlist was created to emulate precisely that feeling, save for the “Like a G6” that more realistically played during that trip. 

On the Atlantic Coastin’ playlist you’ll find feel-good, groovy songs that stir nostalgia. A few of my favourites include acoustic melodies and saxophone solos, all driven by electronic rhythms. They start slow, keeping you intrigued with a consistent beat, like the continuous roll of wheels on the road, and build up to a youthful pay off, or as the kids call it, a “beat drop”. What these songs have in common is their subtle synth feel – synonymous with being young, wild and free – and lyrics that link back to beachy vibes. 

Our coastline is the pinnacle of care-free and adventurous existence. This long stretch encompasses equal parts lively little towns and long roads between sand and sea. Whether you are going on a short trip or taking to the road for a few hours, let Atlantic Coastin’ bring you a spirit of new beginnings and teenage optimism. 


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