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Those yellow flowers
February 10, 2017
Facts on conservation in Namibia
February 13, 2017
Those yellow flowers
February 10, 2017
Facts on conservation in Namibia
February 13, 2017

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Namibia is considered one of the most fascinating countries on earth. All visitors agree that the country is attractive for a multitude of reasons. For example the unique nature: wide desert regions, magnificent coastal areas, impressive mountain landscapes – and everywhere extraordinary flora and fauna to appreciate. In addition, the endless expanse of the horizon, the magical colors and light.

Namibia is one of few countries in the world where ecology is still intact. The air is pure and clear, nature original and undisturbed. And with an excellent infrastructure. Unspoiled nature and civilization harmonize in this country – certainly one of the reasons for the euphoria of its visitors. Here you can travel without sacrificing comfort and personal security. Moreover, the dry climate of Namibia is very healthy; tropical diseases are hardly known.

Wildlife can be found in the most remote desert regions of the country. The numerous wildlife and nature reserves offer fantastic opportunities to observe this diversity from close proximity. The Etosha National Park, 22,270 sq km in size, is considered to be one of the best wildlife sanctuaries of the subcontinent. Here large herds of animals move almost unrestricted. Namibia is also a dream for geologists, as ancient rock formations are found all over the country.

Those who are interested in local cultures should not miss out on Namibia. From the Bushmen to the pastoral Himba and Ovambo – manifold impressions will satisfy the anthropological curiosity. And, last but not least, for the passionate historian, the country’s turbulent history can also be an interesting and stimulating part of your journey. Enjoy the feeling of light and expanse in Namibia; experience the warm hospitality and discover the diversity of the animal and plant world, the numerous sights and natural wonders in this fascinating country.

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Allow yourself to be captivated by the magic of the breathtaking desert. Let yourself be fascinated by the display of colors, gigantic mountain scenery and endless expanses.

Experience the impressive diversity of fauna and flora, the wide gravel surfaces, the endless dune sea and the rugged gorges. Listen to the deafening silence of the crystal clear nights under the African starry sky. Discover the dreamland Namibia!

We offer:

Chauffeur tours –  Pure luxury with a private chauffeur and guide

Experience Namibia in comfort – tailor-made coordinated guided tours in comfortable vehicles with carefully selected accommodation. Number of participants: 1 – 5 persons.

Self-guided tours – On your own through Namibia

Those that love their personal freedom above all can travel on their own through Namibia. This has two main advantages: you determine your daily rhythm and you can choose from many guest farms and lodges which are often denied to group travelers because of the low capacity at the establishments.

Fly-in safaris – Free as a bird

Experience the kaleidoscope of colours of the Namibian landscape from a bird’s perspective. This option is perfect for those that want to do a lot within tight time frames.


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  1. Craig downing says:

    We need info regarding your guided tours in Namibia. Please send us your various itinaries including the pricing. There will be two in our group, but o.k. To include others with us as this would help keep the price per individual to a minimum. Thank you, craig. Please feel free to phone us if the need arises at (209)476-1274.

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