Jolie-Pitt grant to help save the life of San hero – UPDATE

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September 17, 2012
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Namibia summer rain countdown 2012
September 17, 2012
Omaruru Artist Trail
September 19, 2012


Yesterday we reported that the tourism industry has come together to help save the life of San guide Cgunta Khao//khao, who is recovering from more than 70 % burn wounds on his body. 

N/a’an ku sê Foundation has taken on the task of raising the funds – N$750,000/ £56,243/ €70,084/ $91,316 USD – needed to get treatment for Cgunta at a special burn unit in Johannesburg. 


Already, Namibia’s community has raised N$190 195 to the cause. But much more is needed. 

CLICK HERE to read more and to help save Cgunta.


An emergency action plan, which includes money donated by the Jolie-Pitt foundation, has been initiated by members of the Namibian tourism industry in order to save the life of brave San guide Cgunta “Gert” Khao // khao (40), who is fighting for his life in a Windhoek hospital.

bushmen on the hunt nhoma tsumkwe

For illustration purposes only: A group of Bushmen guides on the hunt at Nhoma camp, captured in 2010 by Paul van Schalkwyk

Several tourism and wildlife operators, including the N/a’ an ku se Wildlife Foundation and Wilderness Safaris, took immediate steps to aid the surviving San guide to get the best medical treatment possible, when the news broke of his and his friends heroic actions at Nhoma Lodge, north of Tsumkwe, three weeks ago.

On Monday, a daily Namibian newspaper reported the tragic story of how five brave San guides from Nhoma lodge, saved the life of Jean Bean, an Australian tourist.

After a wild bush-fire unexpectantly surrounded the group, the five guides formed a protective circle around her, taking the brunt of the fire away from her, and onto themselves.

Three of the guides, all dressed in traditional clothing, later died from their injuries, while Gert and his brother Bertus, survived.

However, due to the extensive burns sustained by Gert, he is barely clinging to life, and the tourism industry has jumped to action.

Dr Rudie and Marlice van Vuuren, founders of the N/a’ an ku se Wildlife Foundation, yesterday announced that while they wait for the necessary funds to be donated, they will cover the costs in the meantime by dipping into a grant donated to N/a’ an ku se by Hollywood stars Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, through their Jolie-Pitt foundation.

Close to N$800 000 will be needed for the hospital treatment alone, excluding flights, Van Vuuren has said.

Bushman drinking from a bulb

For illustration purposes only. A San guide squeezes liquid from a bulb. Photo taken in 2010 by Paul van Schalkwyk at Nhoma lodge.

In addition, the Namibian Hospitality Association of Namibia (HAN) has also made an additional N$10 000 available for the medical treatment in South Africa, at the Millpark hospital in Johannesburg.

Shortly after the bush fire, Fanie N!i, N!ynne Oxa and N//ymi/Ukxa succumbed to their injuries.

Bertus Khao/khao (32), Gert’s brother, was not injured as severely as his friends and brother, because he was wearing western style clothing, which afforded him an added layer of protection.

The rest of the group was clad in traditional San clothing.

Rudi yesterday said that after he spoke to one of the doctors taking care of Gert, it was agreed that he urgently need to be transferred to a specialised burn facility, which will dramatically increase his chances of survival.

For this measure, the Van Vuuren’s have availed the N/a’ an ku se foundation bank details, which will be available for donations.

Anyone interested in assisting Gert, can make a donation to the following account:


Bank Name: Standard Bank of Namibia
Bank Address Gustav Voigts Centre, Windhoek
Account Name Naankuse Foundation
Account Number 00043136249
Bank Code 082772
International Code SBNMNANX


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