Omaruru Artist Trail

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September 20, 2012

OMARURU…the centre of creativity

Date: This year the trail will be held from 21 – 23 September

By Jane Church

The first Omaruru Artist Trail was launched in May 2007 against the backdrop of the centennial celebrations for Wronsky Haus, home to Omaruru Souvenirs.

Omaruru Atist Trail

Porcupine outside Tikoloshe. Photo Chris Johnston.

The public was invited to wander along the trail, visit local artists at home and watch them at work in the studio. Group exhibitions and demonstrations added to the excitement, with music and delicious food an integral part of the entertainment. It proved such a huge success for both artists and the public that it has since become an annual event.

The Omaruru Artist Trail is now a prominent landmark on the Namibian annual calendar and has been organised by the Omaruru Cultural Association in conjunction with Bank Windhoek since 2008.

The exhibitions and events are spread over the weekend, giving visitors a chance to explore Omaruru from top to bottom and then relax at one of the excellent guest houses. The Cultural Association has done its best to provide both artist and visitor alike with a vibrant and inspiring programme, with something for everyone on offer.

Watch active demonstrations of pottery and jewellery making, marble sculpture and basket weaving and take part in beading and wire classes. Spend time at the many exhibitions showcasing amongst others oil paintings, metal ornaments, photography and ceramics. Meet the artists, taste the culinary delights and enjoy the many diverse and surprising talents along the trail.

Artists from all over Namibia will participate this year, along with well-known artists from Omaruru, such as Gawie Cloete, whose inspiring paintings will be exhibited at Wronksy Hall, and Annette Meier, who produces gold jewellery of excellence at The Touch, situated at Kashana.

Omaruru has pulled out all the stops to promote the amazing artistic talent emanating from this tiny little town, with many of the artists on show all year round.
  • Well-known in Namibia for life-like and often amusing depictions of animals carved from wood, Tikoloshe has provided a regular source of income for root carvers for years and is a must-see stop for visitors.
  • Chris Johnston, international and local award-winning photographer, whose gallery on the main street displays many of his wonderful depictions of Namibian life, has spent many years in Omaruru honing his craft. Both galleries are open all year round.
  • Omuntu Gardens, owned by Hanne Alpers, is an artistic delight and is open to the public by appointment (+264 64 570017).
  • Hanne has nurtured and grown local talent, opening up opportunities for aspiring artists by providing them with tools and space to develop their art. She offers an entertaining and inspiring display of local sculptures and metal art at OmArte and has an art gallery at Kashana, built by Trevor Nott and a work of art in itself.
  • With hand-made delights from Dörgeloh Chocolates and wine tasting at renowned Kristall Kellerei, there are many facets to the charms which make Omaruru unique.

For more information about this year’s Omaruru Artist Trail contact Gudrun Murray at +264 64 570230.



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