N/a’an ku sê Wildlife Foundation

Wild Africa Travel
November 25, 2015
Nedbank Desert Dash 2015 coming up
November 27, 2015
Wild Africa Travel
November 25, 2015
Nedbank Desert Dash 2015 coming up
November 27, 2015


Our mission is the conservation of land, cultures and wildlife of Namibia, Africa through encouraging participation, education and innovative activity.

Meet Marlice van Vuuren, thr gitl who was born to love the Namibian bush and dedicate her life to the conservation of the magnificent animals and people who make this “Land God made in Anger” the unique country that it is.

Marlice and her perfect match, Dr. Rudie van Vuuren, a man sharing her love for Namibia, its oft-threatened animal species and unique people. Together they founded N/a’an ku sê Lodge and Wildlife Sanctuary, Namibia’s only charity lodge, a place where the conservation of animals and culture are interlinked. And true to its name, N/a’ank ku sê means “God will Protect us” in that beautiful San language.


Located just a 45 minute drive from Namibia’s capital, Windhoek, N/a’an ku sê Lodge and Wildlife Sanctuary is a bush paradise where orphaned animals are raised with dedication, their natural needs being carefully considered, tending away from the feeling of “captivity” – instead creating an environment where their instinctive behaviours are nurtured and encouraged.

Only those carnivores too ill, abused or habituated remain at the sanctuary that is N/a’an ku sê. This is done purely for their safety and survival chances. The release of the powerful cats. both cheetahs and leopards, forms a top priority at N/a’an ku sê – “returning wildlife to the wild” being the mantra that forms the backbone of our projects.

Cultural Conservation

Having spent her life deeply involved with the San culture, Marlice’s affinity with this impoverished community in Namibia, desperately clinging to an age-old culture, has formed a large part of N/a’an ku se’s vision.

N/a’an ku se set up the Ancient San Skills Academy, a traditional San village, tucked away in the vast bush that makes up our reserve.  San families base themselves in this traditional village for set periods, giving San children, otherwise living in the Western world and being fully influenced by a modern culture, the opportunity to experience their fascinating, intrinsic heritage – learning and strengthening the skills and language that their forefathers have tried so desperately to maintain.

Clever Cubs

We believe education, play and bringing children together in a positive environment are vital to improving the lives and futures for the San community.

We were delighted to have the support from the Clabile Trust to open our Clever Cubs Pre-Primary School in November 2009. We provide a full curriculum including English, Maths, Art & Crafts, Sports and Environmental Studies to around 30 children.

Hilma, our devoted teacher feels passionate about helping the children and fulfilling their potential.

A lifeline

N/a’an ku se’s Lifeline Clinic, established in rural east Namibia, is dedicated to the health and welfare of the San Bushman community. Some 3500 patients are provided with free medical treatment every year, and the Lifeline Clinic has become the heart of an otherwise poverty stricken community.


Our philosophy is… conservation through innovation

Our vision is an Africa where humans and wildlife can live and thrive together. Our mission is to conserve the land, cultures and wildlife of Namibia and rescue species threatened by an ever-shrinking habitat. This is all-encapsulated in our philosophy of “conservation through innovation”. We’re a small but dedicated team – ambitious and innovative, and we won’t ever stop until we achieve our vision.

Welcome to our Dream…

Nature conservation is the practice of protecting endangered plant and animal species and their habitats, but at N/a’an ku sê we do more than this, we carry it out with passion and perseverance.

We strive to create sustainable and long-term solutions in Namibia. It is our vision to play a pro-active role in nature conservation, because we firmly believe that we hold this invaluable heritage in our hands for future generations. We cannot undo what has been done… but we can shape our future.

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