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Conservation l Ecology Field Course at Gobabeb
July 7, 2015
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July 9, 2015
Conservation l Ecology Field Course at Gobabeb
July 7, 2015
Conservation | Fish for the Future
July 9, 2015

Be the first to book at the newly renovated Xaudum Exclusive Campsite in Khaudum National Park

If you’re looking to explore Khaudum National Park you’ll be happy to learn that this wild corner of Namibia’s northern campsite is now privately owned, recently renovated and open for bookings.

There are now 6 sites situated under camelthorn trees, overlooking the beautiful omuramba. Each site has a braai area, wooden structured private ablutions and a shaded seating area. Guests are now required to book their units in advance to ensure that they will have a campsite upon arrival.


Guests can expect to spot elephants, roan antelope and wild dogs within this spectacular and diverse wilderness. ©Paul van Schalkwyk

The campsites can be accessed from the south along the D3315 via Tsumkwe or from Katere along the Trans-Caprivi Highway (B8) in the north.

The campsite management is currently working on an online reservation system where guests will in future be able to easily book their campsite online from anywhere.

For bookings please contact


The campsites have wooden structure shading © Vincent Guillemin

New Rates
Per Person N$ 300
Per Vehicle per Day N$ 100
Children under the age of 12 are free of charge


The Khaudum National Park is a densely wooded wilderness reserve in north-eastern Namibia that borders Botswana and can be explored only in 4×4 vehicles. ©Paul van Schalkwyk

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  1. M Beukes says:

    I am happy to say that we camped already there during April. The campsites are lovely, clean and neat. We were surprized to see the beautiful campsites. Thanks

  2. Faan Beukes says:

    We were there at the end of April 2015. The rate was N$10/person. A little bit cheap for the campsite but the new rates are out of line. People are camping because they try to keep there costs as low as possible. A family of five means N$1600/per day. Don’t try to get the money for upgrading back in the shortest time possible. You are chasing people away. Please don’t look at tourists from abroad. For them it may be cheap but for our local campers its way out of line. It is already expensive to travel that 4×4 routes and I thought to go back and stay over for more than one night but now I have to think again.

    Don’t be like Botswana, very expensive for very little!

    Please submit this to people concerned.

    Faan Beukes

    • Yolande Fulton says:

      We are in 3 fully equipped vehicles with 7 adults – 2 families. We need a single suitable camp site as we are camping, sharing fridges, so it will not be suitable to be spread across two campsites. Are all the camp structures all the same size?

      Ngepi camp, where there are good facilities, is R140 per person a night.

      Dates – 9, 10, 11 July 2016.

      The rates we are seeing seem extremely high, but we are unable to get information about what the facility is like. We camped in Khaudum in 2013 at a similar time of the year so we know what to expect.

      What is at the campsites that the rate is R300 per person – flush toilets and running water? Please let us know who to contact directly for campsite bookings.

      • Travel News Namibia says:

        Hi Yolande,

        The campsites in Khaudum have been privatized since 2013, that is why the rates are higher now and unfortunately these are the only campsites available in Khaudum NP.

        You can contact Namibia Exclusive for more information at or phone +264 81 1006677.


  3. Sandra Berning says:

    Email for bounce back. How do I book for Khaudum?

  4. W S von Willich says:

    I agree with Yolande. Irrespective of what facilities are offered, the cost of camping has lost all touch with reality. Instead of getting rich overnight, you are more likely to become insolvent. We have a group of 26 & wanted to stay for 2-3 weeks but when we saw your exhorbitant prices we did not even consider going there. No wonder the game is so wild – nobody goes there!

  5. Khaudum Reservations says:

    Good day, should you require clearer pictures of the Khaudum Campsite, please contact us and I will gladly send you pictures to update your website with. Thank you in advance and Kind regards.

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