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Events | May 2015
April 28, 2015
TOSCO | Tourism Supporting Conservation
April 30, 2015
Events | May 2015
April 28, 2015
TOSCO | Tourism Supporting Conservation
April 30, 2015

Compiled Sanet van Zijl


Namcrafts has opened a new shop at the Grove Mall of Namibia. Upon walking into the store your eyes are immediately riveted to the beautiful colourful displays along the walls. Good luck if you think it’s an easy task to buy something there, because every piece is as lovely and unique as the next. Namcrafts aims to bring customers one-of-kind products directly from the crafter. Indigenous Namibian crafters are employed to create the authentic pieces that buyers have grown to love over the past 20 years. Statement necklaces are timeless and Namcrafts has them in abundance. There are necklaces available in an assortment of lengths and colours, made from beads, metals and natural materials. Every necklace is meticulously handmade by Namibian crafters and will be the perfect touch to a day or night ensemble. Contact Namcrafts at +264 61 25 0342 or email them at

Short necklace N$150

Long necklace N$165



When visiting the Namibian Craft Centre, be sure to make a stop at Big Five Arts & Crafts. They have all kinds of African crafts and there’s a story behind every item. They prefer to stock Namibian products in order to support local trade, culture and tradition. Most of the crafters supplying the shop with its incredible artwork make a living out of it. Examples of this artwork are the fascinating bottle openers. Their collection consists of carved, warthog tooth, springbok horn and wooden openers made by Kavango and Caprivian artists. Seeing that it’s rugby season, the guys will love to use these for opening a few bottles at the Saturday braai. Contact Nangula at +264 81 32 42 094.

Warthog tooth N$350

Springbok horn N$220

Assorted N$150



We discovered some proudly Namibian products at Kaapse Tafel Town Stall, situated at Ferreira’s Garden Centre. This little shop is known for its quality proteas and fynbos from South Africa, but they also stock goods from small-time farm kitchen brands in Namibia. Those of you who love good, old-style treats fresh from the farm will enjoy what they have to offer. The Gross Osombahe food range is one of the unique brands offered here (and only here). It contains products made for the kitchen table from the farm table. Various cheeses, butters and free-range eggs are available and the products are completely organic. Contact Kaapse Tafel at +264 81 420 3009 or visit their Facebook page at

Brie N$36,25

Camembert N$55,50

Butterfett N$30

(See feature image)


Situated at Namibian Craft Centre, Touba African Art Gallery boasts a collection of souvenirs from all over Africa. Many of the artifacts in this shop are used in traditional ceremonies and funerals. Keeping up with traditions, many of us like to have a morning or afternoon tea and Touba has the perfect Namibian metal mugs for just that. These mugs are hand-painted in colourful designs, featuring Namibian animals. You can even take them with you on your travels, because these sturdy babies won’t break. Make contact with the people at Touba at +264 61 228 710 or email

Small mugs N$45

Large mugs N$65


If you’re struggling to find a small yet personal gift to give to a lady look no further than The Avant Garde Gift Shop, situated at old Wilde Eend Nursery. This tiny shop is filled with character and quirky items. The women who work there make an assortment of gifts for in- and outside the home: wooden crosses, mobiles, tea cups and quilt work – you’ll find it all there. Nearly every item in the shop is hand-made and painted with intricate detail on the premises. To learn more about their products contact Adelheid Smit at +264 81 325 4771.

Oven mitts N$120

Crosses N$130



Artisan at Namibian Craft Centre stocks knitted dolls of many shapes and colors. These dolls are made by !Kung women who live in Northern Namibia in a remote settlement in Ohangwena. Most of them are part of San tribes who now live on resettlement farms. They were taught skill development and now they use their talents to make these adorable creations. Each type of animal-shaped doll has a name written on its tag and these are the perfect bedtime cuddly toys for small children. Give Artisan a visit at Craft Centre, opposite Craft Café. You may also like to contact them at +264 61 242 799 or email at

Makena Mongoose Doll N$100

Sam Springhare Doll N$130


This article was first published in the Autumn 2015 issue of Travel News Namibia.

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