Where to find best cake in Windhoek

Top 10 activities with N/a’an ku sê Collection
August 21, 2018
Windhoek’s Top 5 Must-visit Markets
August 21, 2018
Top 10 activities with N/a’an ku sê Collection
August 21, 2018
Windhoek’s Top 5 Must-visit Markets
August 21, 2018
Words: Nina van Schalkwyk

Say all you want about the dangers of sugar, no one can deny the deliciousness of a sweet slice of cake. It’s an art. Cake doesn’t just grow on trees. It takes skill and training to perfect the perfect pastry. Which is why we took the time to put together a list of our favourite Windhoek eateries where cake is not only on the menu but strongly advisable. Bon appétit!


Krisjans Bistro

Yep, it’s named after a Boston terrier, Krisjan. Yes, his owners liked him that much. The café/restaurant hasn’t been around for as long as many of the others on this list, but already the local brand has expanded to include a branch in Windhoek and one in Swakopmund at the historic Bonus Marktplatz.

Our recommendation: Try the carrot cake.

Address in Windhoek: Corner of Lazarett and Robert Mugabe Avenue


Stellenbosch Wine Bar

Stellenbosch Wine Bar has slowly taken over the whole courtyard at Bougain Villas. Their cheesecake is a local favourite. The Stellenbosch Wine Bar and the Stellenbosch Tasting Room are famous for their great selection of wines, and the Stellenbosch Market across the courtyard hosts a wide array of wines for sale. So why not pair your cake with a glass of Chardonnay? We won’t judge, even if it’s 11 o’clock in the morning.

Our recommendation: The cheesecake is famous around town.

Address: Shop 25 Bougain Villas, 320 Sam Nujoma Drive



Grab whatever you want to eat plus a hot coffee, or sit down and just chill. Either way, try not to get tempted by all the other deliciousness on display. We won’t be disappointed in you if you give in though. It’s extremely convenient for locals and daily visitors because it is located on the premises of the Puma fuel station in the Klein Windhoek neighbourhood. You’d think this would hamper the atmosphere a little, but it doesn’t at all. You can pop in while your car is filling up instead of passing the time tapping out new rhythms on your steering wheel (oh, is that just us?).

Our recommendation: The brownies are delicious!

Address: Corner of Nelson Mandela and Bowker street.


Craft Café

A great place to catch up on your emails after shopping for curios. Their servings are huge. The apple tart is to die for. The most famous apple tart is the one in Solitaire though, but that’s a bit far, so if you can’t wait, just make a stop at the Craft Café. And while you’re there, catch up on your communications with their free Wi-Fi, or browse the massive market of crafts, curios and local art also housed in the building.

Our recommendation: We love the lemon meringue

Address: Old Breweries Building, Tal Street


Lemon Tree

A very vibey location – the Lemon Tree has the privilege of being one of the restaurants at the Village Courtyard (which is where the Windhoek City Market takes place every second Friday, don’t miss it!). It has a very laid-back atmosphere, with a large wall on one side of the restaurant covered in chalk drawings and doodles. The little pond outside is home to beautiful koi fish. The lovely camel-thorn trees in the courtyard fill out space above the tables and chairs outside. The cakes are also great. No seriously, try the chocolate cake (more like Death-By-Chocolate cake).

Our recommendation: The chocolate cake.

Address: 18, Liliencron Street


Other honourable mentions:

Fresh ‘n Wild at Utopia (64 Nelson Mandela Avenue), Slowtown (30 Independence Avenue, corner of Fidel Castro), The Pantry @ Avani Hotel and Casino (opposite Slowtown), Klara’s Market (77 Independence), Wilde Eend Bistro (10 Uhland Street).

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