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    Ten Restaurants in Swakopmund You Have to Try

    Maybe it’s the constant flow of tourists who want to experience the town’s old world delight or maybe it’s the people who choose to escape the rat race of Windhoek to settle in the relaxed small town environment. It could be something in the fresh coastal air awakens the appetite and therefore a taste for high-quality food. Whatever the reason is for the variety of restaurants, I am sure not many Namibians will argue that Swakopmund is the culinary capital of Namibia. For its small size this quaint, popular coastal town offers a large diversity in terms of gastronomic delights.  Although a lot of restaurants lean towards German cuisine, there are still enough other establishments that offer a variety of choices to cater to everyone’s taste. Here’s Travel News Namibia’s list of 10 ten restaurants to visit when in Swakopmund.

    The magic of an Outpost

    TREAD LIGHTLY ON THIS LAND Text Rièth van Schalkwyk Photographs  Venture Media Team How does one describe a landscape and the emotions it evokes in such […]

    Travel Notes from a Vagabond

    By Willie Olivier Willie Olivier is a veteran journalist and travel writer. He has been compiling guides and travel directories for visitors to Namibia since before […]

    Balanced Birders

    The 7 "unofficial" categories of birders. Text and Photographs  Pompie Burger To become part of this very exclusive, highly rated, wild and wonderful group of people […]

    The Sijwa Project

    by African Monarch Lodges African Monarch Lodges, home to Nambwa Tented Lodge and Kazile Island Lodge inside Bwabwata National Park, is the cumulative product of the […]

    A Champion of Communal Conservancies

    Maxi Louis In an era when there were few opportunities for black women, and even fewer for a career based on one’s passion, Maxi Louis managed to […]

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