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    Jermain Ketji: Journey in Conservation and Tourism

    Jermain Ketji is a Namibian who spent his early years outdoors as a goat herder, where his love of nature first began. Today Ketji is the […]

    Helmeringhausen: The Tiny Town with Massive Character

    Text and Photographs Le Roux van Schalkwyk Small towns tend to have loads more character than cities, not even to mention the actual characters who call these towns […]

    A City at Your Feet: Windhoek Trails

    Text and Photographs Willie Olivier I guess there are few countries in the world where you can drive from the centre of the capital for just 15 minutes, […]

    10 Coolest Places to Go Camping in Namibia

    Text and Photographs Le Roux van Schalkwyk   Why do some people love to camp and others don’t? Too be honest, who cares? Luckily Namibia offers everyone the […]

    Land Art: A Celebration of Water

    Text Linda de Jager Photographs Strijdom van der Merwe   HOW IT ALL BEGAN How did it come about that a scrambled note written on a […]

    FNB supports Etosha National Park roads upgrade

    Etosha National Park, the jewel in the crown of Namibia, is the country's most visited and popular tourism destination. After months of bad reports on the […]

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