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Celebrating a new journey with the same dedication to sharing Namibia’s incredible stories.

As we reflect on the remarkable journey of Travel News Namibia magazine, it’s hard to believe that 30 years have passed since the first issue was shared with the world. During this time, the world around us has transformed dramatically, influencing the way we consume information and news. Last year, we celebrated the magazine’s 30th anniversary. This milestone not only marked three decades of excellence but also provided us with a moment to pause and consider the future.

In an era where the manner of absorbing news is ever-evolving, we find it timely and fitting to adapt and realign our aspirations to meet the changing needs of our readers and the travel landscape. Therefore, we are excited to announce a significant step forward: rebranding Travel News Namibia to Travel Namibia ®. This new name more accurately represents the essence of our magazine—a celebration of Namibia, its breathtaking landscapes, vibrant culture, and our commitment to promoting sustainable and conscious travel.

Travel Namibia will continue to embody the spirit of exploration and discovery, offering stories that inspire, inform, and connect us with the beauty of Namibia. We look forward to embarking on this refreshed journey with you, our valued partners, as we continue to share the wonders of Namibia and foster a deeper appreciation for mindful travel.

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Oysters, architecture and history: Uncover the charm of Lüderitz 

Explore the hidden charms of Lüderitz, the gateway to Namibia’s historic Kolmanskop ghost town. Immerse yourself in rich history, dine at seaside eateries, and discover stunning architecture. From the iconic Felsenkirche to the intriguing Kolmanskop, Lüderitz beckons with tales of the past.

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Wings over the Zambezi

Join Pompie Burger and Travel News Namibia for an expedition beyond the ‘birding’ horizon at Kubu and Kwena in the Zambezi

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September 27, 2023

Community-driven transformation uncovering Ombonde People’s Park

Discover the untamed beauty of the Erongo-Kunene Community Conservation Area and Ombonde People’s Park, a dynamic bridge between tradition and innovation. Journey through stunning landscapes, from scenic savannah woodlands to ancient river valleys, while supporting a community-driven vision for sustainable Namibian tourism. Witness the harmonious coexistence of culture, wildlife, and nature in this upcoming gem.

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