May 3, 2013

Blue crane study sobering

Issued by the Namibia Crane Working Group  Lead post photo shows a pair of Blue Cranes with tiny chicks at Charitsaub in Etosha on 17 January 2013 […]
May 22, 2013

The critically endangered Blue Crane

Text by Marita van Rooyen “Blue Cranes are critically endangered in Namibia. As with the core population in South Africa, Namibia’s small population of 60 appears […]
September 20, 2018

Birding for Beginners

Arriving in Namibia many moons ago as a free man, not on any anti-depressants but with lots of hair and muscles, weekends were open for enjoyment. As a novice birder (2 months), I decided that Etosha should be the first place to conquer with my new-found knowledge and enthusiasm for the world of birds. Since I had been in the country for just one month there were a few birds to discover, over 600 to be more precise. Without wanting to bore the reader with the "wel en weë van (ups and downs of) die blou bul birder" this might be of real importance to any novice Namibian and birder.