May 13, 2016

Conquering Namibia’s Matterhorn

There aren’t many things that beat that feeling of unzipping your tent at the first cry of a rock dassie and emerging to the sight of pink-tinged skies and trees atwitter with sounds emanating from a buzzing settlement of sociable weavers. Of course, dozing off next to the campfire while counting shooting stars comes pretty close.
May 18, 2016

Wilderness Safaris Namibia – Our journeys change lives

Nature conservation and a concern for the environment go hand in hand with providing memorable Namibian experiences at Wilderness Safaris' Serra Cafema Lodge on the Kunene River, as well as at Kulala Desert Lodge and Little Kulala on the edge of the great 'dune sea' at Sossusvlei.
May 20, 2016

The history of the Namibia Tourism Expo

The first tourism expo in 1999 set the stage for big dreams to become a successful reality. Rieth van Schalkwyk, editor of Travel News Namibia, invites you on the journey which started when she, her husband Paul and Willem Moore met in the Venture office 17 years ago, laying the foundation of what was to become one of the most successful annual tourism events in Namibia which put tourism on the Namibian map and raised the status of the sector.
May 23, 2016

Another form of paradise at Nambwa Tented Lodge

Nambwa Tented Lodge, on the Kwando River, is the only lodge inside Bwabwata National Park. The spacious tented suites are connected with walkways raised high enough for elephants to pass underneath, honouring their right of way. Upon arrival at the lodge we were met by managers Juan and Bertha and our guide for the duration of our stay, Beaven. Welcome drinks and excited conversation quickly ensued and we set off to explore this unique location.
May 25, 2016

Top campsites inside Namibia’s parks

Namibia’s 17 national parks are its most special and valuable asset. Teeming with wildlife and spectacular scenery, they are an attraction not to be missed. From mountain adventures in the Naukluft to the stark isolation and towering dunes of the Namib, the biodiversity and contrasts will amaze and surprise you.
May 30, 2016

The AfriCat Foundation – Conservation through education

I’m sure you’ve seen the heading “Okonjima, home of the AfriCat Foundation”? In our Autumn issue we learnt that at Okonjima tourism supports conservation - but where exactly does AfriCat fit in? Back in the 1970s the Hanssen family ran Okonjima near Otjiwarongo as a successful cattle farm, but increasing stock losses due to large predator attacks on their livestock forced them to explore alternative farming methods (you can read the full story in issue no. 17 of Travel News Namibia).
June 9, 2016

Shutter Dreaming – Photography Feature

Acclaimed Namibian photographer, the late Paul van Schalkwyk, had a wonderful way of narrowing down the essence of what it means to be a photographer. In a country like Namibia, those with an eye that loves peering through the viewfinder, and fingers itching to push the shutter button, live with that wandering spirit. Those who are constantly traveling have the added advantage of being more often exposed to bigger and greater moments just yearning to be caught on camera. In this issue’s Photography Feature we highlight four tourism professionals who are frequently immersed in the many marvels of Namibia and let their Canons and Nikons capture the stunning moments before their wandering eyes.